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Black Thor

allah and muhammad are too sensitive…

Daniel Haarti

Where does that weird Islamic accent come from? Is it cultural appropriation? Cultural imperialism? What's going on? It's silly.

Prabhu Thomas

Allah might be doing the boogie-woogie with some busty angels.

Prabhu Thomas

Armin, you're just brilliant. Hope to see you writing more books. I know Muslims who have already changed their view (some even rejecting organized religion altogether) because of your work.


islam does have racisem

muhhamad said that the worst expamle of a leader is a ethiopien with a head like a raisen

the dievil looks like a black man

and many hadiths focus on how white muhhamad was and the people of having becoming white and the virgins in heaven are white.


can he explain the hate and fire in the quran chapter 9 29 chapter 9 33 ?


Those Ku Klux Clowns are crazy as fuck! 😉

Northern Light

Hehe…he doesnt want everyone to be the same…but if you asked him if he had a magic button that made everyone a muslim he would be smashing down on it repeatedly.

Güzel İnsanlık

I am Turkish but ı am agnostic. I hope Turks will leave ıslam

Thomas Powell

It’s a pretty disgusting cult in all honesty

stevie jongh

Armin, you are great. Please go on. l love you. lt took me quite some time when i was young and found out i was gay. But over time all problems disappeared. I love being gay, it is often big fun.

stevie jongh

by the way, i am a happy gay guy doing all the stuff that fanatics hate.

stevie jongh

you are a good muslim, don't do as if you you are doing something wrong. Gay just happens. Are you really thinking that guys or gay guys will be able to stop having sex. Forget it. Forget it. Gays will be gays. 20 years from here it will be totally okay.

Ban Powel

Muslims and there awful cult offend me.

Ban Powel

Cheek of the barbaric bas.ard? We will mock an insane dark age man cult.

Laurence Clark Crossen

The Jewish people have “endured terrible persecution” over the centuries, Trump added, and “those seeking their destruction, we will seek their destruction,” -President Trump.

John Abbas

I admire what you’re doing. I would suggest that you be more mindful of how you respond to these videos. I would try to pretend that the person is actually in front of you as opposed to simply a video that you can pause at any point. An example of that is avoiding a pause to try and guess what he’s about to say. I think the point of this would be to not frustrate people when they see you’re response and attract the community to interact with you more.

Daffy B

It's only due to the fascinating ugliness of islam that I've spent an hour here, before realising, yet again, that Armin is addressing the thoughts of a village idiot.


awesome, keep up the good work.

Rabbi Chris t

Jesus Christ is God see Isaiah 9:6 in the Torah, a child is born a son is given and He will be called Mighty God.

Zatchooze Naut

According to this Muslim's argument, the Quran should be banned because no one should have the right to insult people. Ban the Quran. Islam is over.


My fascination about why Muslims or Jewish people doesn’t eat pork isn’t that they say it’s unclean and wrong.
But I’m interested in the historical fact behind it. I probably think that even Christianity once, long time ago in the beginning didn’t eat pork either(but that’s my own theory).

Is it that the weather in the Middle East -region made it harder to preserve the pork meat and people turned sick, for example?

My point is that everything has it’s beginning somewhere before they ended up in these holy scriptures.

Zatchooze Naut

The real question is "Can Islam stop insulting the unbelievers?"