Atheist Republic: Enlightenment Values vs. Christianity


What are your views on the claim that Western values come from Judeo-Christian values?
We talk to Landon Haynes to discuss the source of Western values.
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Atheist Republic

What topics do you suggest we cover next?

Saleem Raza

Where there is openness and tolerance, good ideas will emerge. Islam was (and still is) completely intolerant of freethought and enquiry most of its history(except under a few rulers in the "golden age"). Christianity was much more acceptable of reform and open enquiry during the later centuries and therefore made it possible for enlightenment and humanist ideas to emerge. While all religions are stupid, all are not equally guilty of impeding human progress, as Sam Harris says.

Hollis Evon Ramsey

please try to interview a more eloquent advocate. this gentleman is unable to express himself sufficiently well without reading from notes. OTOH, Armin, you're doing quite well on your own. lose Mr. Haynes and just speak to us directly.


To the seventeenth and eighteenth century thinkers we owe the relative freedom that we enjoy in our thought and speech and creeds; we owe the multiplication of schools, libraries, and universities; we owe a hundred humane reforms in law and government, in the treatment of crime, sickness, and insanity. To them we owe the immense stimulation of the mind that produced the literature, science, philosophy, and statesmanship of the nineteenth century. Because of them our religions can free themselves more and more from a dulling superstition and a sadistic theology, can turn their backs upon obscurantism and persecution, and can… Read more »