Atheist Republic: Ex-Muslim Banned from Twitter – #RestoreApostateProphet


Twitter has rejected Ridvan Aydemir’s (aka the Apostate Prophet) appeal and approved the permanent ban of his Twitter account for correctly referencing violence and hate in the Islamic scripture:
Use the hashtag #RestoreApostateProphet to put pressure on Twitter and try to get his account back.



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Atheist Republic

Learn more about Apostate Prophet’s Twitter ban here:


Lol shut your ugly ass up

K- Droj

Now we know the real agenda of Twitter don't we?

Saurabh Singh

Fuck twitter

Fainites Barley

I’m amazed he lasted as long as he did.

Your songs ❤

I was banned by Twitter for criticizing failed Muslim migrant policy, and got banned by Facebook for speaking truth about islam.
These medias invented by free countries and oppressing freedom and promoting medieval ideologies!
I hear that MeWe has no censorship.

Omkar Naik

Keep up the good work Atheist Republic!

I Am Just Myself

Restore Apostate Prophet

channel gaming da best

Why he ban apostasy prophet

Raja Cali

In a protest i have deleted my twitter account.they are fucking bigots.apostate prophet is doing the best job of exposing Islam.

• Kafir •

I badly wanna talk to my muslim friends, Do they all know the truth? The dark side of islam. Or they are unaware of all the bad things that islam offers and following their faith blindly, But I'm afraid. I don't wanna get my family in trouble!

• Kafir •

Or we can all just boycott twitter? I don't even use twitter.. But we also have to expose islam Youtube, facebook, instagram, aren't bad platform either.