Atheist Republic Hangouts #11 – Topic: Buddhism


What are your thoughts on Buddhism?

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Daniel F.

As a non-theist, I appreciate Buddhism for its embracing the Concept of the Grand Illusion or how thought itself creates "maya". There is a discipline in the "West" called General Semantics which has as its main tenet "the map is not the TERRITORY". Nirvana comes when one is spiritually relieved from trying to impose the labeling processes of language and belief upon EXISTENCE… opening to one the marvelous HERE-and-NOW, wherein we all share the same miracle: LIFE.

Game Profile

Buddhism is sankhya philosophy , lord buddha was called sankhya muni


This is great talk. Thank you guys!

Nav S

Guys!!! Check CHARVAKA from ancient India.. Earliest Atheist.

Rajendra Prasad

Excellent commentary by Nirav..Buddhism as it originated was a religion that did not have any god, though there was a firm belief in reincarnation. The goal of Nirvana (nihilism, no-wind) escaping the cycle of reincarnation is a dogma. While it arose as a reaction to Vedism ("Hinduism"), and questioned the validity of the Vedas, very soon, Buddhist schools of thought vanished, and Buddhists adopted "Hindu" gods and goddesses as part of their pantheon. And very soon, as it spread across Asia, it also adopted rituals, the concepts of re-incarnation of the Buddha itself, as well as offerings to be made… Read more »

Nirmal Awais

Bas*ards and B*tches hangouts

bhagath chandra Battula

I think people who are discussing need to know more information about Buddhism than giving blunt statements… it's like 4 blind people judging how an elephant is but finally no one told what an elephant is like.Sorry Im not a Buddhist ( Even though i like astangamarga and some concepts of Buddhism ) Im just an Atheist.Buddhism emerged as a challenge to vedic religion (Hinduism) i.e., against idolatry, against meaningless rituals.Buddha himself is an agnostic.The things which buddha taught to his disciples … who later in four buddhist councils compiled the teachings, code of conduct and…. as threepitakas i.e., vinaya… Read more »

Alin Lor

I'm a theravada Buddhism from Thailand… I wish I can tell you guys about real Buddhism. Just afraid my English isn't so good. But if you don't mind contact me so we can talk. ^ ^ That I must say 90% of Buddhism in Thailand are mostly some what not pure Buddhism. They don't learn, the dharma and most of the ones who try to learn are mislead.

Daryl Petty

Hey guys, I'm an Atheist and I identify as a Buddhist. To most people throughout Asia, Buddhism is a religion, with heavens, hells, dieties, monks, nuns, chanting, weekend services etc. To some people, especially westerners and Atheists, Buddhism is just a philosophy, after all most westerners are not interested in the spooky dogma or supernatural elements of Buddhism. Buddhism ranges from dogmatic followers in Nepal who insist that the Buddha was real and he had very real supernatural powers, to the Zen Buddhism in Japan which places it's emphasis on meditation and philosophy, and we should not forget, that the… Read more »