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Neither of them talked about debate between adishankara and mandana mishra. Which was basically same topic that u guys are discussing


Indian guys here know shit about hinduism .if u want to debate have some scholars

John Zyp

He. Who casts the first stone likes casts.


Cast system did not emerge from Religion. It was a social order, which went out of control.


You should have invited Farhan Qureshi on this show. This video lacks the punch.

Viraj Jadhav

I would really encourage you to read more(or at least a little bit) before you open your mouth and spit bull shit..

North East Entertainment Plus

White people discussing about Hinduism is like Invisible man calling a person ugly.. haha

Raj Hans


Simona Schwarz

Next time invite Sanal Edmaruku to explain you about this topic, since I have even problem to finish listening….its so bad and lacking information

Simona Schwarz

And I am sorry , thi video shows really little understanding of hinduism 🙁 I am not a defender of it. Opposite.

Simona Schwarz

A group where you can hear replies to the moderators questions can be found in my group on fcb where I expose hinduism , vedic astrology and discuss it



One look at this Bimbo and the dude says she knows nothing about nothing. No wonder they are atheists. I am also an atheist but one who understands that we are all one part of the whole which is what Hinduism is about at its essence.

Kishore Patel

There is no caste system in Vedas, only Varnas exists. During king rule caste system was developed by alloting some work to people and their heirs to follow.


They should have involved a female Hindu because they are much more coherent and clear in describing what Hinduism entails. These Hindu dudes up there are very political in there conversation.

Big Fish

Halfway through the video and still no one talks about fundamental concepts of Hinduism such as Brahman, Maya and Leela. How can you critique a set of ideas that you dont know? The texts weren’t sent down from the gods, they were written by sages. Unless, the scriptures explicitly or implicitly posit the caste system, associating the religion with the caste system is just not right. If you go to a Hindu and say, hinduism is wrong because of the caste system, that Hindu can tell you I’m a devout Hindu but I believe the caste system is wrong; and… Read more »

Big Fish

Hinduism celebrates diversity, which is why there are so many ways to be spiritual in Hinduism. The caste system is Hinduism or is it Indian culture? Not eating beef is not really Hinduism in my opinion. The South Indians Hindus eat a lot of beef.

anil yadav

cast system near about finished
ppl not talking what is teaching of hindusim but cast system

Ar Ra

Saahil is the greatest 'assumer' i have seen. He can assume stuff which he doesn't know or have read. When u talk about hinduism, atleast u should have hindus educated in hinduism on board..

Rajarshi Banerjee

What atheist do in India ? Best question ever !

Ans : Bakchodi

When last time I see an atheist win a argument that ppl care !

Biplab Das

Guys, it's nice you question Hinduism, I appreciate your questioning but please know about the subject. Hinduism in its purest form is not about God it's about us (self). It's science of mind rather than a religion.

inspiring videos

The caste word comes from the Portuguese, not Hindus , there was Varnas which was actually formed to decentralise power & distribute power equally & the no work was considered great or less , yeah today’s caste system is the distorted version of this , and please there is no dogmatic tradition in this philosophy, for the simple reason that Hindus believe every righteous path leads to god or liberation, most children are not initiated into the religious philosophy by their parents , maybe they practice customs & traditions but their spiritual seeking is very personal. Also Hinduism was always… Read more »

Tiffany Tang

Interesting discussion but as a tool, google hangouts is quite frustrating. So many drops and lags. I suppose the fact that they’re all in different parts of the world is a factor, but still. We’ve made so many advances in technology but somehow Google still can’t rectify something relatively trivial like this…

Game Profile

Caste was imposed by British during colonial rule . India orginally had varna . It was imposed by Lord Riseley .