Atheist Republic: Islam Teachers Killed After Grenade Thrown Into Mosque in Philippines


A grenade was thrown into a mosque in the Southern Philippines where Muslim teachers were sleeping. Two were killed and four people have been injured. The victims were from Basilan and nearby provinces at the mosque to teach Islam to children. It was the second explosion at a religious site in the southern Philippines, first one was the bombing of a Catholic cathedral.



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Atheist Republic

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Julio Carrancho

Islam is and has always been a FRATRICIDAL CULT from the Dark Ages.

honey bee

ISIS'S Murdering Innocent people's,For Sacrificing "Allah" The Dajjal',& The Very Big Devil',The Quran says !, Whoever they against Muslim's & The Devil Allah' Slater on the Spart',Kill them,Eat there flesh Drink there Blood,Mother fuckers.


You didn't make the video when there was serial blasts in philippines just 1 week ago. 30 people killed, 85 injured in the blast in churches. You guys are hypocrites.

You selectively target specific news to further your agenda. You target people from christian, hindu, jewish faith while nobody from islam are interested in your videos

Clark Steve

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Clark Steve

Muslims killing Muslims….as the Quran commands….satanic and pagan…

Atheism is better defined as antitheist or agnostic….

John Zyp

Religious faiths just keep on killing, separating and causing strife. Religion is a weakness that has muddled little brains for too too long.