Atheist Republic: Islamic Conspiracy Theories – Satanism, Illuminati & Dajjal [Anti-Christ]


Armin Navabi reviews a video by the Channel Digital Ummah titled “Proof Dajjal [Anti-Christ] Controls Technology.” If you have any suggestions for what videos to review next, please link to them in the comment section.

Original video:



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Mohammad Akbar

More conspiracy videos !

Kasia R

Lol they use technology to show that technology is bad

Saleem Raza

Where's Allah and what is he doing when all these " conspiracies " are happening ?

Saleem Raza

You are right, Armin. Its all reverse engineering . First allege something and then find facts to fit it.

Saleem Raza

The funny thing is that Allah himself created all this " Islamic Marvel cartoon" characters. This guy is talking utter rubbish and using
"satanic technology " to spread his nonsensical views.


I know how we can survive hell: sunblock

Scott Dude

That mark of the beast clip is from the vigilant Christian

Paul Gascoigne

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!


Happy to see such videos – good content. Nice to see more of you in the media Armin


In indonesia whatsapp group, there are messages which says, " Neil Armstrong found mosque on moon & that's why he converted to islam".
Another one is NASA has hidden that moon is cut into half by prophet mohammed. It was so viral that NASA officially published article denying this one..


I can not even light my cigarette without fire. 😉

Zatchooze Naut

Some people will believe the weirdest things
I remember when I was a young Malaysian Muslim and some rumors spread around that Pokemon was satanic. That Pokemon names can mean "praise Satan" or "I am god".
Seems like these people are just afraid of what they don't understand.

The Devil

I think the mark of the beast is Kabbalistic numerology. Isn't it?

channel gaming da best

A think all muslim know the dajjal even muslim because am a ex muslim from indonesia

Ronald Poppell

Resist the NHK