Atheist Republic: Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vax Army Now Considered a Top 10 Global Health Threat


According to the World Health Organization, anti-vax beliefs are officially considered a top 10 global health threat. “Vaccine hesitancy” was listed as one of the primary concerns in 2019. Anti-vaxxers threaten to “reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.” Celebrities who are anti-vaxxers include Jenny McCarthy, a former Playboy model, Jim Carrey and Kat Von D. McCarthy is believed to be one of the primary forces behind the resurrection of the so-called MMR/autism “link.”



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Eagle Nutrients

I have to complain about you saying we dont let people say "its against my religion to pay taxes" when we do. We call them priests.


armin – for someone who complains that religons force people to stuff atleast acknowledge you are wanting to do the same . there is no problem in that if you think that what you want to prohibit is for logical reasons but atleast acknowledge you are doing the same.

Sandy Tatham

I believe there are some safer (but more expensive) methods of vaccination which might be less of a shock to the immune systems of susceptible small children, like single doses instead of combining three different vaccines in one. Is this kind of alternative offered in the US? (With parents paying the additional expense, of course.)

Daniel Yerke

Jim always takes it one step to far.

Daniel Yerke

I heard there was nothing wrong with her kid. Which she originally said was autistic.

Jason Simmons

When I was a child you had to be vaccinated or you couldn't go to school.

Heather Williams Buell

Jim, religious beliefs don't supercede secular laws. Believers still have to abide by the laws. Case in point: parents who pray for their child rather than taking them to a doctor, are now being prosecuted and sent to prison. Government cracking down, issuing jail sentences, and taking away parental rights. Catering to nonsense beliefs, means some people are above the law, because they believe in some nonsense. That isn't how law is enforced, or at least shouldn't be.

Beej Price Jail is not necessary until last resort. Australia is having success with cutting child benefits. It's time children had a right to proper health care, from vaccinations to not being treated with only prayers or so-called-alternative-medicines (SCAMS)

Hailey Mew

my parents are anti-vaxers rip

Jason Grace

There should be a new law. To arrest anti vaxxers and flat earthers. They are disgrace to the mankind