Atheist Republic: Judaism & Secularism in Israel


What are your views on the claim that Israel is a secular and not a Jewish state?
Halfway through the show, a lot of antisemites take over the live chat and things get intense. We asked the mods not to remove their comments so that they demonstrate how big of a problem antisemitism is.
We talk to Yuval Berger to discuss religion in Israel. Yuval grew up in Israel in a small agricultural community most of my life, which was also close to Israeli Muslim communities. He is troubled by the significant lack of knowledge about Israel and the role of religion in it.

Secular Forum – An organization monitoring religious content infiltrating state schools in Israel

The Secular Forum

Hofesh (Hebrew for “freedom”) – A site dedicated to freedom from religion in Israel

Daat Emet – dedicated to confronting ultra-orthodox Jews with contradictions between scriptures and science


A satirical monologue criticizing religious politics in Israel (turn on English subs if they don’t come up )

An episode from the cartoon show “Basecamp 22” making fun of ultra-orthodox compulsion (and gay culture) in Israel (turn on English subtitles)

A sketch from “Jews are coming” – a sketch show on Israeli TV dedicated to satirizing Jewish religion and history



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What topics do you suggest we cover next?


arman – Talmud is like I will take all of this discussion between you and will write it in a book – that is Talmud. that is all. only with rabbis which were not holy. so it even not tafsir also.

TheReject. ca

Career atheists have devolved into a club for illiterate babblers and arrogant little men. Sad. I bet he is over compensating for his height or the excitement of mastering his new second language – English. Especially its expletives. But darn, sailor mouth, at least — let your guest speak.


The number of dislikes to likes in what should be a more rational forum proves how important the state of Israel is. Long live Israel! (The Ultra Orthodox nutters excepted). And come on Armin, history is everything. Without it we have no identity. Deep down, wouldn't you like to reclaim the the once great Persian lands from the Islamic invaders one day?

Christine Langley

Who cares about Jewish religion??
I sure don't!
I care about what the Zionist jews and Israel is doing to the world!
The NWO has nothing to do with religion they just use it, so we are at each others throats, divide and conquer!
Which is working well in the US because it seems most are religious, which makes them already delusional so it doesnt take much to push them over the edge!

JGLhello Lovell

Israel today is similar to Nazi Germany .


If you are an Atheist and have the same rights as everyone else, and can vote, and own property, you are in a secular state.

Israel meets this criteria.

End. Of. Debate.

Freelance opportunist

@34:00 I know this wasn't a serious argument, but…..

Armin says it's possible to make the case that part of Jewish identity is to live in exile, therefore its fitting that they live everywhere.

The same could be said about Muslims being persecuted. Just keep on persecuting them as in keeping with Islamic scripture….It's part of their identity. (

It just occurred to me: maybe that's why they do all the shitty things they do, then cry when anyone criticises them- so they can pretend the Quran was at least right about their "persecution"


A dislike for a dirty Jew

Morpheus x

Jewish rabais and islmaic mullahs sucking the blood from penises of children they have circumcised is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen .


Why so many dislikes? This was actually a very informative discussion. Just one thing, Armin. You know I love you, right? But please, do not interrupt your guests so much, especially when you're interviewing your "Mossad handler". 😛

janne korhonen

The jewish roots goes back for over 5000 years and the jewish king david founded jerusalem for over 3000 years ago ! ! ! And before 1948 the land belonged to united kingdom and before that 400 years to the ottomans . . .

janne korhonen

Shame to be that uneducated about israel . . .you make a clown of yourself with your bias brainwashed believes . . .try facts ! History today israels action the political situation get educated ! Not fooled !

janne korhonen

The name palestine was given by romans and it referes to the philistinians who was a seefolk from indoeurope ( near greece) and they have absolytely nothing to do with these filthy fake palestinian ! and

janne korhonen

Israel is awesome ! The start up nation and the eight most powerfull contry in the world ! And every atheist most love it cause it represents wisdom,education,tech etc ! ! !

Sway Guevara

This was actually good talk from the guy on the right, he was realistic.