Atheist Republic: Killers Slit Student’s Throat and Write ‘He Is Gay’ in His Blood at Algerian University


Assil Belalta, 21-year-old medical student was found dead at his student residence at University City in Ben Aknoun, just outside Algiers, Algeria. His throat was slashed and the killers wrote ‘he’s gay’ in his blood across the wall of his dorm room. It has been reported as a homophobic killing by two attackers who then stole his car. Homosexuality has been illegal in the Islamic county since 1966 under Sharia Law, which can lead to punishments of fines or up to two years in jail.❤️ You can also support us on PayPal:



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Tangent Touch

It's not just Algeria! ALL Arab countries are a waste of space on earth!!!!!

akshay nair

"They slit his throat so he died a painful death"?! Stop that. What's happened to him is horrible and everyone agrees. Don't try to milk it.

Corey Mondello

Sounds like this will happen in a red state in USA soon, thanks to Trump and his supporters!


Well it proves even educated medical students can be religious psychopaths. Heck Osama & ISIS khalif was engineer themselves

Sound Discoveries

Just more evidence that their religion is based on barbarism and evil acts only. People say respect other religions. How can anyone respect other's beliefs when they amount to torture and killing others? Ideally banning the quran and the bible would help, but that is not likely to happen. So I guess they need to be tortured themselves for committing such atrocities.

Roro Rezak

I can help you as an Arabic translation for tiny budget

Roro Rezak

The situation in Algeria is too complicated (I'm Algerian by the way

Freelance opportunist

Eat your heart out jussie smollett


Still happening in the 21. century, we still have a long way to go……

patricia x

just insane…what a country…what a "religion" !

Wonder Lady

I’m absolutely horrified

Eagle Nutrients

Looks like it says "his gay".

Alexandre Thouard

This is the type of thing you'd see in a horror movie. That's fucked up.