Atheist Republic: Library’s “Drag Queen Story Time” Event Shut Down After Lawsuit from Christians


After a lawsuit brought by Christian groups, a Louisiana library backed down from its educational “Drag Queen Story Time” event. Two military-themes Christian organizations – warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty filed the lawsuit. Before the library announced its decision, Delta Lambda Phi President Brad Parfait says they had planned to rent a private space at the library to have drag queen story time without the library’s official backing.

Source: Library’s “Drag Queen Story Time” Event Shut Down After Lawsuit from Christians



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Atheist Republic

What are some religion related news that need to get more coverage?


Christian = self righteousness dickholery.

The Broken God

The library has a right to [data expunged]

The Broken God

In no way am I able to [redacted], or in any way [data expunged]


It is unfortunate that it takes 2 extremist religious groups to bring this madness to public scrutiny.
I am all for LGBT rights, but children should be free from indoctrination of any kind, be it religious or sexual or political. I have lived long enough to know that #1, kids are not as dumb as we think they are, and #2, kids remember EVERYTHING. Leave them alone. Teach them readin, writin n 'rithmetic. The world is out there, it ain't going anywhere. Plenty of time for growing up and learning for themselves.

The Broken God

This must be in relation to the cult [redacted] that was trying to find and and repair my [data expunged].

The Broken God

Wait, is this this in relation to the SCP the foundation?

Red-Pill Bulgaria

Glad that the degenerate perverts & freaks got shut down..

Schiwi M

It was probably pastor David

Dubus Maximus

Overly PC parents taking their young, impressionable children to see mental health cases flaunt their absurdity. Good. Glad someone is looking out for those kids future. Atheist against the trans agenda!

Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis

While I'm not Christian, religious or even an atheist I'm glad this got shut down.

Corey Mondello

Hitler was a Nazi Christian, many of today’s Christians in the USA, and around the world, are just the modern version!


People supportive of drag queens showed as models in front of kids should wake up

Daniel Yerke

I'm confused. I'm all for Drag Queens reading to kids, but it is a public library so if they allow one group to use the library don't you have to allow other groups to read to kids. If some white nationalist wants to read how would you stop that. Not sticking up for crazy Christians, but don't understand the law here. Would be better than at a private book store.


"the LGBT secular religion"???
Since when were the LGBT lifestyle and secularism (atheism) qualified/designated/defined as religions?
Since when was there ever a "LGBT secular religion"?
What I don't understand is why the two atheists shown in this video were taking the side of and defending the LGBT's in this issue.
What this "Drag Queen Story Tine event" was really about was presenting to very young, extremely impressionable children the idea that homosexuality and the LGBT life style are completely normal, natural, healthy, and acceptable which couldn't be further from the truth.