Atheist Republic: Men & Women Eating Together Is Un-Islamic According to Fatwa


Islamic seminary Darul Uloom in Deoband has asked Muslims to avoid men and women dining together at social or other events saying that it is “un-Islamic”. It is not proper for Muslim men and women to dine together. The ‘fatwa’ (religious decree) also said that dining while standing is “un-Islamic” too.



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Atheist Republic

What are some religion related news that need to get more coverage?

shakir bajrai

kenapa la ko sibuk sngat dgn islam. adohhhh

Mr Cle

Islam is the worst religion of all time since it has a lot of extremists like the Al Qaeda & ISIS + other terror groups. On the other so called catholic people use Christmas & New year to waste money on gifts which most people don't even need, So I don't know which is the worst between killing people by guns VS wasting money on stupid things like Christmas gifts when you can help a lot of people out of poverty.

Morpheus x

Happy new year guys keep up the good work TC . Do a chat with Pamela Geller for that would clear a lot of misconceptions between her and muslims .

Corey Mondello

How ironic, the conservative Christian Vice Prez of USA, Mike Pence, also won’t have meals with any female but his wife.

scrabble817 scrabble817

I mustn't say anything about not being able to sharia food 🙂

Logic beats Speculation

No fucking way that I am going to associate with men-only …. fuck islam.


Just goes to show what an exceptionally shite religion Islam is if they have to use a number of books to try and find out what they think they can or can't do.


There is a hadith that says men and women while sex shouldn't speak or look at pu355sy or the baby will be blind ! It really exists in shia hadiths so you are right… there is a hadith for every funhvcfjg thing

Abc 123

Islam should be eradicated. I lost so much because of Islam, I hate it and want every victim to be free of its tyranny. Yes, Muslims are also victims of Islam. Go watch Bill Warner, Apostate Prophet, Sam Harris etc