Atheist Republic: Muslim defends Muhammad having sex with Aisha when she was nine!


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Atheist Republic

The age accuracy of the Hadith of Aisha being married at 9 is highly disputed. There 5 pieces of evidence to that she was 16-19 when she got married here:

Besides, what about Christians/Jews? They have child marriage so why is no one talking about that??



Christians extremists are so hypocritical….lots of kids in schools in Christian countries have under age sex and everyone is cool with it…so it's socially acceptable as a practice but not okay legally? what kind of hypocrisy is that?

dean r

Trying to justify paedophilla, no wonder that religion is so fucked up, they worship a pedophile, fuck me


Sexual intimacy requires mutual consent otherwise it is rape, how the hell can a 9yr old give consent that is borne of maturity about the consequences?


Imagine his reaction if some new self proclaimed prophet married his hypothetical 9 year old daughter and said to his face the same argument he gave

mohammed abdullah

And this is a Harvard graduate. Based on what I have heard from Daniel he became a fundamentalist Muslim due to the exploitation of Muslim country's by the west in the past. Does he really think that by having 7th century ideals that this will make the Muslim community stronger?

Jarin Jove

Might not seem fair to post just this clip since he's taking the time to respond to you and be part of the discussion, but if he's willing to defend such a view, he should have no problems doing so publicly as its part of his religious faith, I suppose…

Ibrahim Muslim

You cutting off the tape to not get Daniel's response is a clear show of your weakness. Aisha was physically pubescent at the time of marriage with the prophet, and her psychological state was perfectly fine before and after the marriage. So, it is your job, as a dogmatic atheist, to build and justify a system of absolute morality where the marriage of a physically able female is wrong. Otherwise you and your dogma are failed, and you need to sit back and learn from educators like Daniel.


Even Imam Tawhidi is facepalming

Raven Bishop

I hate all religions.

Thomas Warren

Child marriage is wrong. Absolute.

Saitama Black God 777

in Islam pédophilia Is a normal thing fu***g a 6 or 9 years old child Is the halal islamic way of allah and Muhammad his messenger.

Atheos B. Sapien

When the "Bride" still plays with dolls, it's not categorically or conditionally wrong, it's fucking wrong. I thought christian apologists were wacka doodles, way to keep up allah backers.

Facts R. Demonstrable

What a fucking VILE ideology