Atheist Republic: Muslims Ask If Schools Are ‘Sexualising Children’


Armin Navabi reviews a video by the Channel Islamic Pulse titled to “Are Schools Sexualising Children? IPPF Exposed.” If you have any suggestions for what videos to review next, please link to them in the comment section.

Original video:



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In my opinion the right time to start teaching children about mating is about age 7,8. Anywhere earlier is just horrifying and pointless.

Do you expect a 5-year-old to be actually attracted in someone? Great, because my answer is the same as yours.

Atheos B. Sapien

Just think if muslims were taught that ayaisha (sp?) was allowed to say no to muhammad?


These people do live in the stone age. This is not horrific, this is common sense, welcome to the modern world. It shows that hardcore muslims are incompatible with western society if they prefer to keep children in the dark about these issues. Sex education is a good thing. It's pretty stupid not to prevent unwanted pregnancy or the bullying gay or transgender kids or parents. What do they want to protect children from? I see only advantages of good education including sex education.

Corey Mondello

All theology is dangerous when conservatives are in power. From the crusades to the Salem witch trials, from Hitler to the KKK, from the moral majority to Trump!


Hypocritical Muslims

Their argument is the same exact argument I have about all religions
Just change the title from sex to religion


Any western women who traveled in muslim countries know the results of their education. The sexual harassment is incredibly invasive, 1000 times worst than what we know and talk about in the west. This is the result of sexual taboo and frustration, it makes the men sick. There are many beautiful sides in the oriental culture – architecture, food, music, arts-. So many things they could share with the rest of the world. Many people are wonderful human beings. But the way they managed the whole topic of sexuality is among the less efficient on earth, really. For women, islamic… Read more »

John Zyp

All babies r born naturally atheistic b4 adults poison their brains.

John Zyp

Circumcised boys learn about masturbation because no foreskin is there to stop sensations.

John Zyp

I was 16 when I realised masturbation. My childhood was dull.

John Zyp

Sexuality is only adult activity. Let the children learn what is right and wrong.pedophilia can’t be possibly normal.


In this tedx interview which deleted they used slow & soothing sound so people can sympathise with their pedophilic nature.

Industrialists & powerful do want to control people minds through various studies….

Saleem Raza

Why should sex education trigger this lot, when it is based by studies by sociologists and experts in the field. What possible agenda schools would have other than to instill a healthy attitude to sex. They have to understand that you cant just wish away sex and sexual feelings. Islam has an unhealthy obsession with sex and these people should speak about that.