Atheist Republic: Muslims Petition Nike to Recall ‘Offensive’ Sneaker


A petition created by a person named Saiqa Noreen in the U.K. says a logo stamped into the sole of Nike resembles the word Allah in Arabic and is “blasphemous”. The petition asks Nike to recall its Nike Air Max 270 shoe. “This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslims and insulting to Islam,” Noreen writes in the petition. The Air Max 270 went on sale in new colors, retails for $150 and features “AIR MAX” stamped into the sole.

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Atheist Republic

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dominic atiga

Why be offended having the name of your god on a shoe? You can have a positive perspective on things. Religion is sickness!!!

The Devil

So let me get this straight: The omnicient and omnipotent creator of the universe needs to be defended by his followers against what some of them have totally over-interpereted to be an inscription of his name on the bottom of a shoe? And they worship this weak and insecure being because…?

Freelance opportunist

Muslims offended by sneakers, but not by beheadings, FGM, and all the nasty things written in their holy book about terrorising non believers.

Ronald Poppell

This is stupid. I really don't care if about blaspheming thier god. I'm irreverent towards gods. Especially a hateful and merciless god like Allah.

Clark Steve

It's pre Islamic Arabic without the diacritical dots….no problem…and probably translates to satan or something. ..

Steve Liddle

Why has it taken them so long to realise they are offended ? the shoe was not released last week ?, seems it was February 2018. Lots of upside down words probably do look like arabic script 🙂

Dell Anderson

Not sure toilet paper is the answer. Only escalates the issue and inflames passions in ignorant 'true believers'. In any case, the petition already has nearly 33k signatures and it's not a voting platform so there is no way to indicate disagreement with the petition other than to create a separate petition to the contrary. Perhaps someone reading this can create a petition complaining that Allah's name is not written upright & clearly enough to satisfy unbelievers. Perhaps that would highlight how ridiculous the demand that the entire world cater to islamic imagination. Previous complaint by muslims about 'offense' by… Read more »

dean r

Helps us to hate them even more than we already do

jeff rockwell

Drama Hammid?

Black Cloud

So are they now saying every word with a W in it is now not allowed ???…………how absolutely ridiculous ?????………….they should just worry about praying 5 times a day and leave the rest of us in peace ??????????

Ghost Lion

I remember when I was a kid, my local masjid was protesting the movie "The Seige." In the movie some Muslim guy makes his wudu (water purification ritual) before he kills someone. This was offensive towards Muslims. As a kid I didn't think much of it. However, when I got older I realized how fucking crazy Muslims were to be offended by this. Because first of all, radical Islamist is an actual thing, so there's that. And second, it was so mild and subtle, that to even notice it you have to be pretty crazy. The most ironic part,… Read more »

Sound Discoveries

god,allah,buddah medusa, whatever. The bottom of the shoe is the perfect place to display any religious figures name. We walk on your beliefs as that is our right! You don't like it, go to walmart and buy a pair of ten dollars shoes and put athiest on the bottom. I am not offended!

Atheos B. Sapien

Did anyone hear about the TP in England that has a leaf on it? Muslims are bitching that the leaf printed on each sheet looks like Allah's name. What's peculiar is that the leaf doesn't look anything like this logo.

Sherry V

I'm offended that they're offended. Why do we always give in to such nonsense. Don't like the product, fine, don't buy their products!!! I agree this is foolish.

Alex Carroll

Haha! Whatever. Fuck islam


How broad minded muslims are ??

Thomas Sperduti

Armin the main man thanks for keeping us informed bro.