Atheist Republic: Pakistan Sentences Christian Brothers to Death for Online Blasphemy


Since 2015, Qaisar and Amoon Ayub, two Pakistani Christian brothers, have been in Jhelum jail for online blasphemy. They were accused of posting offensive material against Islam on their website in 2011. Both fled the country and were on the run for 4 years but got arrested when they returned home. According to the Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement, they have been sentenced to death. The sentence was read inside District Jail Jhelum. The Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement has been representing the accused and plans to appeal the sentence before the Lahore High Court.



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Atheist Republic

What are some religion related news that need to get more coverage?

Bobby Bee

Yeah I don't think that in Republicans have enough Christian conservatives that would be for blasphemy laws. There's plenty of Christians but many of those Christians are for free speech and the only real threat we have to free speech at the moment are far-left idea logs like Jack Conte and Jack from Twitter and pretty much every Silicon Valley CEO like the CEO of Apple Tim Cook who's literally saying not enforcing his idea of hate speech would be condoning sin as if intersectional feminism is a f**** religion it's more like a f**** cult of useful idiots. I'm… Read more »


This is one of several reasons to install in democratic countries laws, one law forbidding religious endoctrinement of childrens. This would act a similar way with protective laws against adults sexual seduction towards children. In democratic countries, Women and Men have recognized rights with their believes, their delusions and their delirium. But When adults, parents, teachers, and other persons in charge of teaching what we call « the truth », how can we accept that pure lies or inventions can be presented in childrens immature mind as hard, solid, and truly truth ? Can’t we imagine the multiple effects of those contents ? Alas,… Read more »

Bobby Bee

Don't fuk Mohammad tell Muhammad to fuck himself.

K Mobile

All these apologists make me angry because they do not realise once islam gets towards a majority it will be against the law to critisize islam. In the words of Christopher Hitchens "fight it while you can".


I wonder something: they, taking offense in the name of their god, how weak do they think that god is? What is their actual belief about that god, that it would need some reaction from whatever people? And, aren't they happy with the eternal punishment the blasphemers will get? Jeez, these guys in Pakistan are an intellectual mess.

mallik sharma

Fuck Mohammed can be blasphemy even if you don't mean or intend the Prophet but some rogue named Mohammed who is an anti-social element!


I can put a bet that "online blasphemy" is not in the quran, doesn't matter how much they try to shove it as a "scientific" book.


Many of my Indian Muslim brothers good ……

Clement Oluwaseyi Onifade

Pakistan has become a failed state as a result of Islam.

david gagnon

Most Christians (or non Christians) in the west don't know about this. It doesn't make it as big in the News as someone throwing a pig head at a mosque (or something equally foolish). It's more IGNORANCE than HYPOCRISY. Just think about that before you start "Fuck Youing" people. OK?


Such a fucking Dark Ages shithole country!

Ram Arya

Sandra Solomon on the Koran as hate literature

There are several youtubers who are exposing the wicked Islam and Koran to the whole world.
I think Mohammed is Allah.
Islam became very successful due to the ignorance of the people in Saudi Arabia in the 7th century.
All 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

James Apperson

So many issues here.
1. Who would go BACK there, knowing they were RISKING prison and death?
2. Pakistan and Islam suck sweaty pig balls. And if you don't like it, you can tell me in person (at my ex's house. let me know if you need the address. lol)


Who the FUCK are you to use abusive language about a prophet?