Atheist Republic: Parents Beat Daughter to Death for Marrying Outside Caste


A 22-year old woman, Pindi Anuradha of Kalamadugu village, was allegedly beaten to death by her parents and relatives for marrying her lover Ayyoru Lakshirajam alias Lakshman against their wishes.They had eloped earlier this month and got married. They came back three weeks after and approached the local police station seeking protection. The police escorted them and left them with the man’s parents. Knowing the couple’s arrival, the woman’s parents together with other relatives, went to Lakshman’s house and assaulted him. They took her out of the house and beat her on the streets until she died. They took her body to the hillocks at Mallapur village in Nirmal district and set it on fire. Police took her parents into custody. Anuradha belongs to Padmashali (weavers) community and Lakshman belongs to Yadava community.



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Atheist Republic

What are some religion related news that need to get more coverage?

nexusu 00

Why can not we atheists have our own land?

Gaurav Kucheriya

I'm from India, and I completely agree with Armin's viewpoint. It was very well put. Nice job.

Cosmiq Designer

Hindi atheists are atheists while most of the Hindu preachers dislike atheists. There are very good philosophies in Hinduism but that doesn't change the fact it has so many shitty myths too that people still follow. Hindu atheists are most of the time ignorant , that's the only reason that's why they think calling themselves Hindu atheists sounds cool. Living in a Hindu culture I can confirm that.

Suyog Parab

There's a superhit Marathi movie 'Sairat' (Crazy/free bird) addressing this issue released in 2016.
You should give it a try –

Many are working to eradicate this system but the problem is person's 'Last name' by which one can easily identify the caste & the caste based org which people have formed even in Urban Cities.

Corey Mondello

Theocracy of any religion = death, oppression, war, rape, abuse, ….. evil!

John Coelho

The distinctions you are not making here are incredible. The core practices of Hinduism: chanting, hatha yoga and meditation are spiritual, not religious. You can have no belief in anything, you can give no adherence to and practice no aspect of Hindu culture and gain benefit from these practices and they have earned the respect and often have been adopted by western mental health professionals because of their benefits in bringing greater sanity… The essence of religion is belief..The essence of spirituality is experience and the awarenss that comes from it. As such, the two , even though often found… Read more »

Carlos Ricardo

Democracy can't fix the middle east. You can't stomp out blind, illogical faith.