Atheist Republic: Protecting Atheists Worldwide – Part 2


What are your views on the best ways to help atheists in countries where atheism is a crime?
We talk to Rana Ahmad and Stefan Paintner to discuss Atheist Refugee Relief, an organization that was founded specifically for people who left their religion and are now under threat. You can support them here:

Protecting Atheists Worldwide 🛡️ Part 1:



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Atheist Republic

What topics do you suggest we cover next?

ebro jay

I'm refugee ethiest and I live in Egypt is so challenging….we face alot of issues right here

Christine Langley

This is a great channel keep up the good work!
Yes religions monopolize everywhere and there would be more atheists around than you think but they are too scared to say so of course, because they will be badly victimized!
After saying that there is more people standing up against religious victimization and dominance!

Stephane Guenette

Atheists are against people who claim to be chosen by a God that doesn't exist. One People claim to be the race that was chosen by this non-existent God. Anonymous has unmasked himself as Derek Broes, close friend with Andrew Breitbart: From YT channel, Global Witness Revival (video: ANONYMOUS-UNMASKED- A Message From vIDiUs -Revelation). "Greetings World, I am no longer behind a mask, my voice is no longer hidden and I will disclose my identity: …(I was a)Technologist in Crypto Currencies, A Cryptographer, (and a) CEO Of an Israeli Intelligence Company…" Waking up to an Israeli Psyop: Derek Broes admits… Read more »


Good Video, Nice Video.

Aaff Mmrr

احبك رنا و شتيفن (I love you Rana and Stephen)