Atheist Republic: Student Faces Jail for Insulting Islam in Indonesia


Agung Kurnia Ritonga, a 22-year-old student at the University of North Sumatra in Medan, is on trial for insulting Islam in an Instagram post by mocking the burning of an Islamic flag in October last year. A tawhid flag presumed to belong to Hib-ut-Tahrir, a banned militant group was burned by three Muslim youths on Oct. 21, 2018. Ritonga’s post was said to have insulted the tawhid flag that has script describing the monotheistic God in Islam and God himself. He wrote, “What’s the matter if the tawhid flag is burnt? Your God apparently gets burnt also? So, don’t take many recitations that teach culture, that makes fools. Your God is just silent over there, playing guitar, getting drunk, and writing porn poetry, why are you so busy?”
A local mosque official who made the complaint said he was satisfied with the trial’s outcome and agreed with the jail term demanded by prosecutors. Prosecutors in Indonesia have demanded an 18-month jail term and a $715 fine for the Christian student.



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Clark Steve

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dean r

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John Zyp

Yes and ty for this.