Atheist responds to a viable candidate for “The Craziest Jesus-freak on Youtube” title – VIDEO





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Carmen Nelson

Batshit CRAZY…period.n


Cognitive dissonance, it is their strongest weapon.


I can’t even watch his videos, but his kind must be stopped! Look for a page on Facebook called “God Killer” and join the fight to expose religion for the fraud that is is.

Mark Bertrand

Without your submission to Allah, and krishna etc you will never understand any of it. Just accept that& move on.


Without The Holy Spirit to give you wisdom you can never understand any of it. Just accept that& move on.

Mark Bertrand

2- You say all other beliefs are lies, yet the fact is you have not read all or even one of their holy books or made study of them or their histories.
You are Christian 100% because of place and family of birth, your mind is as closed as could be.

Thus I have demonstrated your hypocrisy and your inability to answer my simple questions proves you to be dishonest as to beliefs.

Be well and happy and believe as you wish and grant that respect to all others also that you seek for yourself.

Mark Bertrand

In addition lets look at your hypocrisy.
1- You say my mind is made up.
A- YOU came here telling any Christina that does not believe as you do, any Atheists and all followers of all other world religions they are wrong and must believe as you do.
B- then you whine I am trying to tell you what to believe and my mind is closed? lol

Erik Ballew

When his wife is talking, her words are what he wants to hear. But here eyes are screaming HELP ME!!

Christopher Barton

haha she fears jesus !!!?? if there was a jesus which is very debatable question in the first place he would no aprove of this

Mark Bertrand

My friend you are being profoundly dishonest, prejudice and only making yourself look foolish.
You are the one with a closed mind not me.
Stop being childish and answer my simple question. for the 3rd time

yes or no, is there ANYTHING your child could do to make you kill or torture them? Yes or no?

Could you ever watch your child suffer, say be raped and do nothing to help?


Yep. Lack of facts and evidence can get really annoying, can’t they? I wish I was confident and/or deluded enough to be able to posit something as true without a shred of supporting evidence. Alas, I am not. I guess being an atrocity apologist isn’t my thing.

Mindy Beaumont

Wow, so his wife is in TWO abusive relationships at the same time! These people are seriously mentally ill.

Austin Bell

It doesn’t matter what I say you’ve made up your mind before you even crossed my path. You want me to play along in your logic theory debate, just to walk away feeling confident that no matter what I said was automatically wrong. A mind of an atheist a fascinating yet tragic idea.

Mark Bertrand

For the 2nd time, please answer yes or no, is there ANYTHING your child could do to make you kill or torture them? Yes or no?

Could you ever watch your child suffer, say be raped and do nothing to help?

Will you be so dishonest as not to answer a simple question?

Mark Bertrand

Greetings, You of course completely ignore what I wrote, such is dishonesty.

1-Your with respect first sentence is gibberish, meaningless. Try again
2- I am not blaming a myth for anything but if your god is real it is its fault, it created evil, it causes suffering it gives birth defects and illness. It orders rape, war, murder. slavery etc etc etc.
3- how sad that you refuse to answer my question, but you are dishonest so I expected you would not so I will ask again

Austin Bell

Eternity time covenant on time something far greater was established before the very foundations of creation. I don’t need your radical Atheistic mindset trying to blame GOD because evils in the world. I know I’ve seen it too but I don’t blame GOD for it. I know why its here,I know that as long as I’m alive it will stay here, and I know that when all parts of the covenant are up evil shall exist no longer.This is all about sides 2 sides thats been the plan ever since 2 cor 4:4 kjv is your answer


Well said.

Mark Bertrand

a God could have no ego, no desires no needs no ego. It would be selfless, it could not think, hope or desire. It would wish always the best for its children and allow endless time for the child to learn.
It could NEVER harm, kill, torture,kill, enslave etc its child.

I know you are a good person, please answer yes or no, is there ANYTHING your child could do to make you kill or torture them? Yes or now?
Could you ever watch your child suffer, say be raped and do nothing to help?

Mark Bertrand

Greetings, I respect what you choose to believe as I do all beings, I respect your right even to ignore the evil of the Bible.

But for me I have nothing to be ‘saved” from. I believe if there were a God, it would care only that we love and have compassion and respect for each other, that we help ease the suffering of each other.  if there was a God it would have no ego demanding it be placed first, a good father desires its children love their brothers and sisters first.

Austin Bell

Salvations free WARNINGTHEPEOPLE is completely false if anyone wants to be saved simply believe/trust Jesus entirely as he said in john 6:47 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.

Mark Bertrand

cont: I respect you and your right to believe as I do all beings as long as they cause no one suffering. Hold dear your belief and give others that same respect.
That said, my life is dedicated to easing the suffering of all who need me, I have been in the poorest places on earth, great time in hospitals with children suffering the most painful illness and birth defects. Been with people starving to death, what you said makes me sick, makes me angry how foolish you and others can be.

Mark Bertrand

My friend while Warningthepeople is clearly mentally ill, your statement “God can and does provide the necessities for his children. And yes, that can even include money.” Would you show you are equally blind to reality and perhaps also mentally ill .
Believe as you will as to your religion but stop saying such foolish things and look to the real world and its suffering.


Actually you nailed it. “His perception” of god is quite true. His beliefs are nothing to do with what the Bible says. Andy, along with others in his group masquerade their New Age agenda with Christian terminology. Myself along with multiple others have been blocked from commenting on his videos. If you are going to comment make it a good one because you probably won’t get another go. There are many like him on YouTube, and much, much worse than him.


God can and does provide the necessities for his children. And yes, that can even include money. It is the love of money that is the issue. Warningthepeople is stuck in his self righteous, self aggrandizing pseudo world with his 3000 little subs hanging off his every word. Warningthepeople does not represent the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please don’t let this man represent God before your eyes. Warningthepeople does not speak for the Lord.


The main issue that disturbs me is that he presents a false version of Christianity. In fact, warningthepeople and his followers are more correctly defined as mystics. They deny the Scriptures and Christ’ salvific work on the cross and replace it with their own doctrines and self righteousness. He refuses to engage or answer any criticism, even when he is clearly proven wrong by blocking the person who presents him the irrefutable. He is a law unto himself with no accountability to anyone.

Matt Kovach

future WBC members


the wife looks drugged.


Calling this crazy is relative. Sure, I actually agree with you but hear me out. This guy is trying to be as literal to the bible as he possibly can be. In such a weird way, he’s actually going beyond lip-service and trying to put into practice utter reliance on the object of his belief. (Too bad that object is a 404!). Point is, as far as literalists go.. this guys is pretty run of the mill; there just aren’t that many speaking out.


Poor guys. So sad. I just feel like telling my partner how much I love him.


Mental illness is a horrible thing to watch. I hope Warningthepeople gets some help soon.

Atheist Bob

I feel a little bit sorry for the woman. I agree that she doesn’t look happy, but that she’s trying to be, because she has be – that is what ‘Jesus’ wants. Are they ‘really’ in love with each other, or are they just together for the sake of this Jesus friend they try to please?

Der Gottmagus

When he needs no money, so how he got internet, a computer, a shitty haircut and clothes?

dont depend on monies!!! depend on jeebus!!!

I wonder how often jeebus pays his rent and cable bill each month. Does he put his “jeebus money” where his mouth is?? 😛

There was something his wife said that you should fear Jesus why should you love something if you should fear it?