Richard Dawkins vs Emotional Muslim Journalist on Islam and Atheism – VIDEO


Atheist Richard Dawkins Debate Emotional Muslim Journalist on Islam, Religion and Atheism.



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bob balkas

Compare please these two evils? Holocaust and casting people into furnace to burn and later resurrected only to be cast into a fire for the eternity. So, jesus had to have been mentally ill. No god would ever do that to people whom allegedly gods made!
This is immeasurably more evil than all the evil human race has experienced in the last 200 to 500 year ago.
But fret not!! It's all a fiction, empty threats/etc.

bob balkas

Big Bang not only struck deaf all gods but the rancd, acid, thick, burning, biting, poisonous smoke the size of a regular universe that BB caused and which gods had to inhale, must have made gods also dumb, blind, angry, mean/etc.
So, the bible, quran, torah are not the only proofs that the major four gods [allah, god, jesus, yahweh] are dumb.

Dukiny Gaming

I was looking for the full version of this. Thank you!


We can believe in a creator without the need for religion. We can awaken every morning and thank our creator for all that we have been blessed with. We can be good moralistic people and live by the philosophy of, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”We do not have to attend churches etc. we do not have to read holy books etc. just live by the code of “Do to others as you would have them do to you” and acknowledge your creator by giving thanks for all that you have. Why should religion have… Read more »

Bill Brewer

To have faith in any religion you are either brainwashed ignorant, or a moron.Come on people join the 21st century.

Rolf Leseratz

All religions are criminal organizations based on lies that are harmful to society.

About 80 % of the members of a religion are mostly ignoring it.

suryaprakash dubey

precise, objective n factual discussion without emotional baggage

Slash Bug

I'm surprised that the discussion went so smoothly. Usually, muslims get really offended when blatant fantasies are pointed out in the Quran, such as the flying horse.


This not new!

RT @holesinthefoam: Richard Dawkins vs Emotional Muslim Journalist on Islam and #Atheism – VIDEO –…