Atheist Voicemails #19: Coming Out as Transgender & ex-Muslim


These are messages left from atheists in different countries. Listen to their voicemails. And consider leaving your own message 🎤

From India, the first speaker thanks the Atheist Republic for its support especially to the ex-Muslims. She continues her message by saying what is happening in India now in relation to religion.

The second speaker is an atheist from the USA. He takes this opportunity to say how much he is in awe of everyone who has the courage to say they are atheists in countries where it is not safe to say it.

Bullied a lot, a transgender woman and ex-Muslim in Malaysia shares her story with us going back from her childhood until now and how difficult it is to be in her country.

The fourth speaker says that science and reason will rule the world. The last speaker is from Tunisia. He says that he has learned a lot from social media about atheism.

Share your story with us today, and we will broadcast it. If you don’t want to speak but contribute in another way, please support us with a donation so we can continue our mission to inform and educate people on this global platform. Go to



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Bhin Bhin Kaka

Why is that Indian girl has problem with daughters and sons becoming Monk?

Bhin Bhin Kaka

I think Muslims will be happy that transgenders are becoming Ex-Muslims.

Eagle Nutrients

Ex muslim? Fuck that! I would never have the balls to admit that in public. I like my head attached to my neck tyvm. I watched the mob justice they do over there. Burning a man with gasoline while a crowd of 300 people surround him. I get that you have principles and you have beliefs and you want freedom of speech, but you need to stay alive. The threat from your family is more real than you care to admit. Protect yourself at all costs.

the anti-jihadist

I wish I could reach out to the caller from Malaysia.

MdMuntasir rahman

Bro, Exmuslim from bangladesh- One of the main reason people cannot leave religion is- they dont know what to follow next, what should be their ideology. Even though they know that islam is wrong, they have no choice but to follow islam, WE NEED a new atheist life style role model in every aspect of life. Childhood, teenage, Adulthood, parenthood, Love life, friendship, career, Self dependency, individuality, sexual awareness, emotional awareness, humanity, avoiding negative emotional energy( hate, fear, threat, forcing others,killing etc) , practicing positive emotional energy(love, desire, friendship etc) ,Taking care of our body, mind, why how? how should… Read more »