guys (Yes Christians were allowed to attend the 2016 Reason Rally.) – VIDEO


This is a few weeks late but I felt like I needed to upload this video. There seemed to be this idea going around that Christians were somehow censored or bullied at the 2016 Reason Rally. This was not true and I feel like the claims of Thunderfoot and Buddy Fisher were at best inaccurate and at worst dishonest. “Extreme feminist” and “evil SJW” did not take over the rally and force people to believe as they do.

These men were from and I found that I was able to have a polite conversation with them. Yes there was a specific “debate” area just outside of the rally that you might hear the security officer mention but there were Christians in the crowd that were perfectly free to talk to us so long as they were not really aggressive, disruptive, or violent.

Since these men were pretty polite there was no need to insult them and they hung around the rally. There were other Christian evangelist dispersed throughout the crowd that day and they were allowed to talk to people.



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Did you bother with the cultists running the event?


The moral argument for god. I just can't understand how morality proofs a god, while many atheists have better morals than christians. You found out that you're not evil and wicked, just because some ancient desert people wrote some scriptures. The cure for the problem of sin is stop believing in it.


I love how you dismantled all of their fallacious arguments. They shot gunned everything but the kitchen sink at you and each time you had a thoughtful and coherent response. Good work brother!


Nice work man. I would have loved to have been there with you.

TK Stoddart

You are a strong advocate. Thanks for posting.

Guess what. No one cares