“Atheists Are Anti-First Amendment Bullies”??


Atheists hate the pledge of allegiance. Zo thinks that atheists are actually using the pledge to force atheism on others.



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yu nofun

Except there are instances of kids being forced to say the pledge… Because you haven't heard of or seen it doesn't mean it doesn't or hasn't happened. It only means that you cant be arsed to do even a tiny bit of research.

bob loblaw

This guy is fucking clownshoes.

Jonathan Shaw

Your argument makes no sense. The pledge of allegiance isn't a prayer, it is a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. That is not a religion and does not require any religious affiliation be included in it. If the majority decides that the line should be removed it will be. Just like the courts decision that marriage is not based off a religious belief.

Michael Leukofzo

Atheists are the bullies? Nigga, do I need to remind you of the people who put our asses in slavery centuries ago while using the Bible to justify it?

mike harvey

They are not Atheists. More like Politico-fashionist Atheists.

I am an Atheist. I couldn't care less what you do on Sundat.

Ben G

Atheists want the government to be godless so it can be a god and i am so scared of that, last time it happened we lost a lot of people because some people thought they were under the law!

Barb Johnson

Zo!  You are zo. zo right!  Everything that comes out of your mouth impresses me!  I'm so glad I found you.  We are zo on the same page!!  Love it.  Keep coming with it!!

Ken Swierski

I don't believe in god but I have friends that do and that's cool…also republican :)


This should be Liberals, not atheists. I'm a libertarian atheist. I support freedom of belief, even if I know they are wrong – what right do I have to force them to be atheist? Let us use 'free thinker' instead – I hope that makes more sense.


I found a LOL image that says "Internet Atheism: Because nothing debunks Judeo-Christianity quite like denial, evasion, mockery, deliberate misrepresentation, expletives, and harassment" and that's exactly how most atheist YouTube commenters argue.