Atheists Are Hypocrites? – VIDEO

35 … Atheists Are Hypocrites? (The Atheist Experience #573 with Matt Dillahunty and Jennifer Peeples). — Please subscr…



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Thomas Carter

here is one for you both , the god worshiper and the there is no god .. You both came across as persons that would seek to control me and My life . One tell me , god yes ! or burn forever in hell . The other You came from an off shoot of a mutated monkey , Don’t follow God , or i will make you pay forever in this world . ( shunning , name calling, forcing schools to change ect. ) You Both of you need to pony up . Provide Me with empirical proof .… Read more »

Beelzebozo Bill

Theists can’t seem to comprehend that atheists aren’t the ones preaching
from street corners, threatening others with eternal damnation, telling
other people what they can and can’t do with their bodies or who they can
have relations with, impeding medical progress, trying to force
unsubstantiated beliefs into law, profiteering millions or billions of
tax-free revenue, or out there beheading people or killing villages and
enslaving and raping the ones they let survive.
There’s PLENTY of good reasons for atheists to have a voice in the world.
Probably more than ever.


+dshane31 I’m sorry that your close-mindedness prevented you from hearing words from people who disagree with you. *No one is trying to “tell you what to think”* (you just love putting words in people’s mouths, don’t you?). Just like you did in your original comment, we are simply expressing what we think. I don’t see how anyone can say that the caller owned them, but if you think that and express YOUR OPINION that the caller did own them, I’m going to express myself and say how I think you are wrong. “Blaming everyone for what a few do is… Read more »

Lemuel Gonzalez

Besides the crusades can anyone tell me what wars was started cause of
religion….I’m serious no trolling


The caller owned them.

Alexander Cordell

So neglecting your children and letting them die slowly and painfully while
you chant voodoo nonsense at them is fine; but hitting them is wrong.

I’m sorry but both things classify as abuse in my book.

Lampart Loltrol

Atheists blame christianity because of the nazism, yet they refuse to apply
the same logic when it comes to communism. So yes they are :P


Its interesting how people of faith claim that “non believers” are blind or asleep. Don’t they realize that the atheists think the same of those who have faith? IF you don’t look at things from an objective view then theres no real way to determine what is right and what is wrong. Everybody has their opinion, but being bias when trying to preach your belief of how the world should be is not right. Personally, I am a hoper. Not a person of faith, and not an atheist. But a hoper. I hope there is a god. I hope there… Read more »

Casparus Kruger

Here’s a guy whose arguments systematically get shot down yet he still
chuckles when accusing his opponents are full of it.
And the world is full of these people.
They are called assholes.

m beginization

Yet atheist are imposing their beliefs on children, Dawkins has finally got
religion kicked out of school in britain and it is a christian country,
what is the difference between what Dawkins is doing and old atheist like
Stalin ? 

Sarcipious A


nikko validor

i miss crazy callers :(

William Snell

I really detest arguments like the caller made, “Oh, but there are worse tragedies, and we should focus on those!” It reminds me of Facebook posts about tragic events. There never fails to appear someone that rants about how some other tragedy is more worthy of attention, sort of like a photo bomb, but with text. Doubtless that’s true of nearly every tragic event that’s ever occurred. Something is always worse. This doesn’t excuse passively allowing an ongoing problem to continue. What the hell kind of logic is that? Oh, theist faith healer might occasionally kill their kids, but what… Read more »

steven mclaughlin

After 10 years of study in religious history and biblical literature i have
come to the conclusion that there are only 2 uses for a bible. 1)
Using/quoting scripture to prove what a vile book it is and the many
contradictions it contains and 2) picking up dog shit…

Verifed InTest

This caller doesn’t understand the debate. When you make a rational
argument against an irrational claim, that doesn’t make you a hypocrite.
Atheism doesn’t make a claim about reality, it simply rejects the claim
that theists make that gods are real. Atheists simply demand evidence and
theists simply refuse to provide it. Whether or not gods might actually
exist, atheism is the rational position until we have evidence.

Eli Abz

That’s double standards 


OMG religious freako’s no DVD’s or books sold by Christians is there. lmao
! no million dollar homes for pastors greed, Joyce Meyer hypocrite cunt
flying around in her multi million dollar jets. Why is she even preaching
as in the book it says women are not worthy to. Matt not a hypocrite he’s
just speaks up against hypocrisy and ignorance.


Last I checked, no one has the right or freedom to do a lot of things because it runs afoul of others rights. Abortion runs afoul of the unborn child’s right to life. This child has been shown through science to be fully capable of thought and feeling pain from only a few weeks after conception. Smoking in public (both tobacco and marijuana) runs afoul of the right to other people to not have their health detrimentally harmed by others. Drinking and driving does the same. All kinds of laws which Christians support are based on this simple point. Oh,… Read more »

Helmut Christian Tomas

One immediate aspect that religious infancy has is that it blocks research.
I might need replacement parts since “I am created to an (un-)intellligent
design” which happens to mimick God’s body.
Stem cell research might result in more evidence against God and
creationism, blind following of imaginary bible texts that nobody can show
but everybody interprets to his own whims??


If somebody gets some happiness from drug abuse, why tell them drugs are
bad for them? ;)


“Huh huh huh I don’t get the point huh huh huh”. IQ just above plant life.
What kind of morons want false hope??


Telling kids that they’re going to burn in tremendous pain forever and ever
just for sinning is child abuse in my book.


If ONE kid is killed by his parents refusing to seek medical care, is that
fine with idiots like that caller?


As much as I like watching these videos, I have to wonder why they even
bother scheduling a co-host when Matt is hosting. He doesn’t let them get a
word in edge-wise so he may as well be on by himself. I wish the hell he’d
shut up some time and let the other person comment to the caller. 

Tyrone Layes

Id like to see him attack Muslim beliefs… 

Lynette Komidar

this surprised me ‘Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that a
historical Jesus existed …. ‘

Now that is scary

Stu Pidatheists

Funny how atheists are such hypocritical, blind shitheads. 


After all the dust settles, we have only two choices. Either the universe
brought itself into existence, or something outside the universe, an
external cause brought it into existence. The problem is how something
could brought itself into existence? Is not possible, therefore the cause
must be external. The only thing present was energy. The God of the Bible
is described with the same attributes of energy before energy was
described. The existence of God is the best explanation.

George Louis

I want to shed some light on the things Christians do. When Matt asked him
if he thinks it’s wrong for a parent to pray instead of seeking medical
attention for a child that they are responsible for he started talking
about third world beliefs. They do this stuff all the time. They try to
change the subject.


Religion legislates believes?!!! You may be right. Like the secular
religion. Global warming, PETA (can’t harm goldfish), ACLU (can’t display
anything that looks like a cross), can’t pray in school, killing babies,
you cannot even take a rock from the beach (to preserve nature). Like the
human race is unnatural.


Matt grasping trying to blame religion and or god for people that have no
rational thought.

Jed Clampett

This caller was excellent and was too strong for Matt. But the caller was unusual. Usually Matt and his button over-rule. This time Matt cut the caller off when the caller was helping him! As far as the people killing their children by not providing them with medical care, the caller was right in that this is rare. There is far more wicked stuff going on caused by the pursuit of premarital sex, and this is also a major cause of young people leaving “the Church.” What we need to do is get rid of the negative thinkers in the… Read more »


Here’s what gets me . . . the constitution says freedom of religion, yet
slavery is considered unconstitutional . . . however, in the Christian
bible, bigotry, mistreatment of women, owning/beating slaves is
permissible. So wouldn’t that make Christianity unconstitutional?


If this guy had called the show on September 10, 2001, and the next morning
he found him self standing on a really high floor watching a plane heading
for his head, and his colleague said, “It is probably some religious nut
case trying to make a point, then the caller would have spent his last 5
seconds thinking, “Oh darn I wish the guy flying that plane had called Matt
and been convinced that his beliefs were wrong.”


‘taledarkside’- Which of the thousands of ‘gods’ man has dreamed up are you
referring to? You have to be way more specific.