Extreme feminists vs. atheists? Jaclyn Glenn investigates… – VIDEO






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That Guy T

Yes, Jaclyn. You are an anti-feminist. I’m not saying this in an effort to label you, it’s just a fact of circumstance. If you don’t identify as a feminist and go out of your way to ignore any & all legitimate criticisms of modern day feminism, then you are by default an enemy of feminism according to feminists. Feminism has become a religion. Just like Christianity, if you say “hey guys, I love Jesus but I don’t believe in the talking snake or bigoted homophobia”. You’ll get responses ranging from “Not all christians are like that, you don’t really believe… Read more »


Where did you get that sweet YouTube pillow?


“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that
Feminism is for everybody.”


To be honest. The people you’re talking about are also the people who
aren’t really advancing the debate with religious folks. Don’t get me
wrong, PZ does have some good points, but most of the standpoints against
religion have been repeated by nearly every prominent atheist at this point.

By never admitting wrong doing we’re creating a standard of 100% efficiency
which is unrealistic. It will eventually come back to bite A+ in the ass if
they aren’t extremely careful, and when it does we all better watch out
because they will be paraded around as the “Westboro of the atheist

(s)AINT Cyanide

Pz Myers is the whitest of knights, he loves the attention of all these
college girls. That’s the only explanation that a person so smart in areas
like evolution and religion can be so blindly stupid with feminism. 


who’s “christina”?


I’m an atheist, needless to say, but I see a lot of anti-feminism in a lot of places. I agree that there are a lot of extreme feminists, but whenever, and I mean WHENEVER I talk to an anti-feminist, even if they were a sensible atheist, suddenly they sound like an agenda seeking religious person. It’s an anti-group mentality that is freaking crazy and affects so many people! There’s so many issues that have to do with ego and such, but I mean whenever I talk to an MRA or anti-feminist (not always the same thing), I just replace the… Read more »

Robotic Coffee

If people disagree with you, that’s good, that’s called freedom of speech
and democracy. Don’t feel bad about it.


Arguments over feminism have to be the silliest things I have ever seen. I
feel like I’m watching a YouTube version of high school. Can’t we just go
back to criticizing religion? Where is a crazy Christian saying something
stupid when you need one?


EVERYONE should beware of the extreme feminist lol.


Jacky you got me right in the feels. 🙁 I’m sorry. I love your videos and I
finally get it, that analogy about the hs club is perfect. I wish there was
a way to represent atheism in social justice but a+ is a bit broken. But
anecdotally I would like to say that in south TX we have a fairly large
atheist group currently volunteering at sacred heart *catholic church
because we don’t have any other way if helping the refugees. So we get no
credit and fml the catholic church is looking like a saint. :(

Top Hats and Champagne

What irks me the most about extremist feminists is that they apply the
exact tactics they accuse their opponents of using. Bullying, shouting,
baseless assertions, and even… dare I say it… oppressing. I shall
continue my campaign to convince feminists to become egalitarians instead.


May I ask which differences you and Christina have? (generally speaking)


you pronounce homophobic weird


Isn’t a feminist someone who wants equality not superiority? I’m kinda
confused because of the ones I talk to.


Jaclyn is getting more awesome with every video. I feel inspired to get
back into video-making.

Edouard Tavinor

The feeling I got from watching Jaclyn’s video against what she called
feminism is that it would be used to divide and attack those who are in
favour of equality of opportunity irrespective of gender or sex.

As someone who has self-identified as a feminist for years, I do not like
being told what I believe and how I act, and I felt that Jaclyn’s video was
doing this.

Jesse Dickerson

Jaclyn, your mom isn’t guilty or covering for someone, she’s telling the
truth… just because a priest is caught doing something like that doesn’t
make the whole group the same. If an atheist was caught molesting children,
which we have been caught doing it before, that doesn’t mean all atheists
are child molesters. Generalizing is usually never good, or accurate.

Celeste Keith

I just wanted to say thank you for saying “extreme feminist” because I
consider myself a feminist in the definition of “the advocacy of women’s
rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”
(Thanks google 😛 ) To me, feminism is just the idea that men and women
should be equal to each other. I love this video and I am not offended at
all. Your point is very legitimate and I even further admire you for your
logical and calm stance on Extreme Feminism.

Sofía Rodriguez

I hope you checked with Ryan Wiley before posting this! 

rebels heart

@3:13, Preach it sista! when I point out the idiotic behavior of specific
Atheists I’m not trashing ALL Atheists! If one is an Atheist who is ethical
and virtuous than it is NOT you I am speaking about!

Ryan Rittenhouse

Love your videos. I still encourage atheist vloggers to differentiate between “female chauvinists” and “feminists.” You’re a feminist. The “feminists” you were criticizing in your previous video are female chauvinists. I haven’t gotten anywhere with TF or AA… unfortunately. I think it is important though. I liken it to atheists who are actually anti-theists but define themselves primarily as atheist and define atheism as anti-theism – and they are the reason so many people think that atheist means an assertion that there is no god. Problematic for atheist like me who are also agnostic. I think this new controversy over… Read more »

Mark Angelini Jr.

PZ Myers is an asshat


btw it IS stupid to use pedophile priests as a point against the catholic
FAITH. I don’t recall any passages where jesus told priests to fuck
children. So yeah, a catholic SHOULD be pissed off if you say Catholicism
isn’t real because pedophilia.

so your defense for your strawman is…yet another strawman. Fuckign

Might as well say Americans are corrupt pieces of shit because of Congress.

The Gorgeous William Lane Craig Fan

I hate it when Christians and feminists make the “we are not all like that”
excuse. It seems to me they care more about their ego then the problems
being discussed. Like Dan Savage said (paraphrase), “I know that. Don’t
whisper it to my face, scream it at their face.”


I wonder when the tipping point will occur with this rash of extreme
feminism on Youtube/Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook.

How much more extreme can we possible imagine it’ll get before they over
the edge?


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wad this about Ryan Whiny?


Aaaaand… this channel is heading the way of Thunderf00t’s channel, doing
more and more videos on women-hating and men-hating idiots who misuse the
term feminism, attracting a crowd that I want nothing to do with. I am
interested in religion, atheism and science, not in this pathetic war
between misogynists and misandrists who piss on the efforts of people who
are fighting for the rights of women worldwide in countries where it is
still desperately needed. Bye.

James Whitcomb

It’s another form of religious thinking. A single idea has picked up so
much momentum in their minds that any contradictory data or new relevant
information simply cannot penetrate the dervish. 


“PATREON” is suspiciously similar to “PATRIARCHY!” #OMGJaclynIsAMisogynist


Oh, and Dusty has always been a gruff mother fucker. That’s why he’s
awesome. Besides, wouldn’t you expect an atheist with his delivery to not
pull punches on any religious group…including Jews!? Yeah, fucked up
shit happened to Jews. That doesn’t mean we should walk on eggshells with
them now while people within that religion do really fucked up shit.


Viewing the act of admitting one is wrong as a weakness is something
religionists do to scientists. You do the math.


you should make a video on all the things that religion does to harm

David Landon Cole

I would be interested to know what you understand by feminism and by
extreme feminism.

Just as a minor aside, given that I’m one of the people who criticised
Dusty as you mention, I tried to contact him and he blocked me.


loooove your videos. :)

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I’m being Sports Bullied by PeTA for doing fishing. And they say Jesus
wasn’t a fisherman. The PeTA babes are really really hot. Most used to be


I am also disgusted by people who discourage admitting to errors and people
who pretend to be psychics, dictating others’ thoughts falsely to slander
them. If it’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s liars, especially the ones
who purposefully ignore concrete proof against their lies.

David GammaAtheist

PZ is a shit stain of the atheist community, he needs to stick to what he
is good at and talking about science not trying to figure out ways to be
divisive of the community 


Yes, acknowledging what people have to say is a good debate tactic.
However, the problem people are having is that they feel like you are
criticizing a position as a whole based upon a minority group. It would be
like criticizing white people because some of them are in the KKK.


Damn this girl is tough!

Can’t say much other than I never regretted subbing you!

Rizzle Dizzle

Here is some ass-kissing. I hate to do it, but you earned it. Welcome to
the Dark Side, Jaclyn 


Criticizing people like Anita and Rebecca Watson simply plays in to their
victim complex. It’s their profession to be victims and any one they can
point at an call an MRA or anti-feminist adds to their pay check.


Jesus Christ did not teach drama, if anyone tells you otherwise they are lieing to you. When you see or hear of stuff like westboro marching against gays you need to be weary of that. A homosexual, lesbian, or transexual can be saved by Jesus Christ, and they will receive a new heart and turn from their former perverse interest naturally. Go watch testimonials on here about it. Friends you must realize there is only one real official word of God, the 1611 king james bible. From there is much tradition and perversion that has been added to the word… Read more »


“A person should not believe in an “ism”. He should believe in himself.” ~
Ferris Bueller

Ben Scheffer

that’s what I would say to I was Catholic at one time and now I would say
“Oh I don’t know the BOY FUCKING !!!!” btw im an atheist now