Atheists Deserve Eternal Torture – Classic Atheist Experience #461 – VIDEO


This caller makes a fatal mistake. He tells Jeff Dee that he is going to hell. I’m thinking that is a bad idea. Jeff Dee and Matt Dillahunty host this clip f…



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“it doesn’t matter what I think, the bible says…” and that pretty much
wraps up a genuine definition of faith: Faith makes a virtue out of not
thinking. Big surprise there.


I love listening to Jeff go on long rants and yell at people. It brings a
feeling of joy to my heart. Yeah I know, I’m a sick individual.

Lights Blade

Santa won’t deliver you any presents if you don’t believe in God!

George Forsyth

I wish someone would phone in with ‘I believe in Bigfoot’ .


The three sections of the waterfall actually represented the Three Stooges.

Leisha Young

“Jail break from hell” LOL!


NEVER tell Jeff he is going to Hell!!

cosy murx

all the interesting people will be in hell. and john lennon will be playing
“imagine” in the background. so i’ll be there. see ya!

Squid Jones

It’s not a choice. If, in your mind, you do not accept a thing as being
something that is real, you cannot simply choose to believe that thing
exists. Atheists are people who do not believe that God exists because they
do not accept that thing as being real. Yet the Christian concludes that
what he/she should do is call an Atheist program and tell them that they
should simply choose to accept God. Derrrrrrrr!!! Derp! Derrrpp!!

John Smith

Jeff was pissed, rightfully so.

Pat Doyle

I have never communicated with any Christian who does not hem and haw and try to avoid this question. Even the ones who are not hesitant to say that I am going to hell, balk at accepting that they think that is a good idea. They do just what this guy did – they say, it’s god’s choice, or god’s justice, and we all deserve hell (yet they never think they’re going there) and refuse to admit that they cannot both worship the guy who is going to do this as a good, just, perfect god and avoid the fact… Read more »


aw, I miss Jeff Dee’s rants…I want him to make me some new rants to
listen to…



You’re gonna get soooooo much coal in your stocking. :P

m collier

Split hell wide open. LMAO!

Brad Panter

“Jail break from Hell!” Jeff cracks me up when this topic comes up. 

Ray Sims

Hell must be a big place.


‘In order for it to make sense, you must first believe it on blind
unquestioning faith’….I’m sorry, that’s just a cult.

mike turner

No one! deserves eternal torture. And no body will get eternal torture!

Harold Morozko

Hell is working @ Wallfarts. ACA is fantastic. From a Humanist Jew. Peace,

Pat Doyle

The best thing about Jeff is that he is willing to expose the disgusting,
immoral principle that lies at the heart of Christianity (and Islam).


Funny thing is; I’ve travelled and lived all over the world for the past 45
years, and have talked to hundreds of people form a wide variety of
relgions that are not Christain related and they all say the same thing.
Christians are sinners because they worship the wrong gods including
Mary,Jesus etc, and they will be going to hell when they die….hmmm,
thank goodness I’m an Atheist !

Roberto Turco

haha the caller is a horrible person, but most if not all religious people
are horrible 

Salvatore Vitorelli

Man. When people say ” You atheists are going to Hell.” Jeff gets pissed.
When people say that to me I just laugh and say “Awesome man. “


Ohh thats very Christian, believe what i say or I’ll hurt you…


Why does god have to torture people who don’t agree with him?
Why doesn’t he just let them die and rot away like they believe?