Atheists Don’t Exist! – VIDEO


Sometimes you have to just look at yourself in the mirror and recognize the fact that you don’t exist. Original video: Become my patron:http://www.pat…



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The last ditch effort to make the big bad atheists stop ruining all the
fun,…..assert that we don’t exist.

Graeme McRae

How do you know atheists don’t exist? Have you searched the breadth and
depth of the whole universe? Only after you’ve done that, and not found an
atheist, can you truly assert that atheists don’t exist.

God Of Atheism


Béla Gulyás

I’ve read her comments under the original video and I think that she’s really knows who atheist are. She’s *straw maned atheist and lied on purpose* just for *view whoring*… *You just have to read her comments to see the bait:* *”Wow! 101 comments in about an hour! I feel so popular! LOL! : )* *Keep ’em comin’, I’m ready for thoughtful conversation. peace Mary Kay”* *”Whoa! Over 200 comments tonight! Thanks guys! You’re really building up my views. I appreciate it. Please tell your friends too! This is great! And the more dislikes the better, makes people wonder why.… Read more »

The Godless Geezer

Why would we have to know everything to know there is no god? I only have to see one black swan to know that not all swans are white. Likewise, I need only one contrary piece of evidence to know that “god” is an impossible status for any being to achieve. I am told that a god is an all-powerful, all-knowing, and eminently loving being. I know that more than one child has died a horrible, painful, lingering death due to disease not caused by any human’s “free will”. It is not loving to allow this to happen to a… Read more »

Doug K

She clearly doesn’t understand the the definition for Atheist and the
reasoning behind the absence of excepting the belief. 

Natale Zorz

Holy shit, I guess this woman won’t keep her promise. How will she ever
answer all the traffic that you have just sent her way :))

Martin White

Err there is a difference between saying “there is a God”, “I don’t know if there is a God”, “I don’t believe in a God”, and “there is no God”. In Summation so you don’t have to read the rest that’s below this: Most atheists assert that they Do not believe in God, and not that there is no God. Due to the overwhelming lack of evidence, random religious sects from all around the world demonstrating sub-human behavior, and contradictory books that can never be read in the right context because there is no right context. So, though your heart… Read more »

Kaycee K

It is clear this insipid bitch doesn’t speak Greek.


Spot on – in order for a person to make the absolute claim that “there is
no God” necessarily requires that the person making such a claim must first
possess infinite knowledge. 


She is not that bad ^^ Just ignorant . Also she doesn’t disable comments
which means that she is willing to clarify herself . 

Broth3r John

God exists. Look in the mirror.

Future Earthman

I genuinely don’t understand how any person can use logic like this and
think it’s a good argument. You have to know everything in the universe to
know whether something is true or not? Why would that be the case for a god
and not every subject ever?

Zeus is real. Allah is real. The invisible space cock god of Jupiter is
real… until you know everything about the universe. You can’t disprove
the space cock.


Please leave comments, unless of course you disagree with her statements,
in which case they’ll be removed.

Julian Davies

Oh I get it….. it’s just like Schrödinger’s God, yeah?

Hitchens HasRisen

I always love when born again Christians believe they’ve found some really
strong argument for their cause……..and it’s the type of argument that a
child would use and has been debunked countless times as nonsensical.

Daniel Jones

Clearly this is after her head injury. Let’s all send her and her family
well wishes. Get well soon.

Brentacus G

Damn…All this time I thought I existed.


Everyone knows god is stuck on a planet just inside “the great barrier”
near the center of the galaxy. Duh! Also, he needs a starship. No
questions asked.

Seriously though (kinda). What if while you were searching the entire
universe looking for god and becoming one in doing so… what if god was
right behind you the whole time!? Because he’s a dick like that. Anyway,
that’s why most atheists don’t say “there is no god”, unless faced with a
logically incoherant one. It’s very difficult to prove a negative and not
our fucking job anyway. 

Beorn Borg

This is, obviously, fake. No one can be that clueless (i.e. unsupported
premise after premise).


The same old crap, repackaged in the nosy, know-it-all lady from next door.

Brian Cahill

She’s kinda sexy


Lol I talked o her like 9 months ago, quite crazy and fun. =P

White Rose

How many fucking times do we have to tell these people that Atheists don’t
claim there is categorically no god; we just say all the stories of god are
a load of fucking bullshit. If there was empirical proof of god presented
tomorrow, every atheist would believe but there isn’t and as time goes by
it looks more and more unlikely. It’s such a simple fucking thing.

Earl Minime

She’s simply confused between the definition of agnosticism and atheism. This is strange because she introduces herself as a former agnostic. Using her own argument, if she knows of the existence of a god then she *is* god. Update: Oh dear! Just checked the original video and, in particular, the comments… From her: “I don’t need to search the universe for God. He revealed Himself to me.” and “Wow! 101 comments in about an hour! I feel so popular!” – currently thumbs up : down ratio is 12 : 512 so *”popular”*. And from one of the commenters: “No reasonable… Read more »


Yet conversely, despite them only ever ‘finding’ what *they* interpret as ‘signs’ of his existence and NEVER ACTUALLY finding ‘the being of God’ itself, *apparently the Theists have decided that THEY don’t need to visit every potential location in every possible universe in order to find God.* Their point would be valid, except for two small things ( 1 It’s bullshit) and : 2. *One of their God’s claimed attributes is ‘OMNIPRESENCE’.* *So ‘he’ is allegedly **everywhere, at the same time.* So therefore, you wouldn’t need to go ANYWHERE to look for God ! *’IF’ ‘God’ exists ( in the… Read more »

Malcom X

Wait have you looked everywhere for good, no so you can’t say he is real /I
think she is and not very bright


Hey there! I just wanted to come over and thank you personally for bringing so many folks to my video, that I may witness to them the love of God and to present the gospel. That was awesome! As a former agnostic, once spiritually blind, trapped in darkness and now knowing the true Light in the spirit realm it is my joy and honor to be able to answer their many questions. Jesus said, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not die but have eternal life.” So… Read more »


Wow there is a blood bath going on over on her video.


She wants fiery conversations, eh? Me thinks she’s calling down a fucking
meteor storm on her ass. Sadly, it’s just another dumb cunt who doesn’t
understand the concept of burden of proof and pragmatic thinking. I mean,
for fuck’s sake, it *isn’t hard.* And even then, most atheists are agnostic
atheists, so saying that we claim that there are no gods period is bullshit
in and of itself.

Ian Atkinson

If there’s no such thing as atheists, what’s the problem? No need to make
a video on the subject.


Eeee! I’m fading into nothingness……


Would being labeled an agnostic make any of the falsehoods or logical
fallacies of religion and god claims any more true or the things the
scientific method has discovered so far any less true?

EB Productions

she has the wrong defenition of the word atheist


Atheists say, “THere is no God!” pfft.


She’s really noticing all of the comments on her video, which is a good

Rilian Sharp

She’s assuming that people can never be wrong.
among other things.


This women would be correct *if* any atheist would make this claim. But all
that atheism is about is, that you do not *belive* that gods exist, because
their is no evidence to support this claim.


She must be a troll. I hope.

Jim Doug

Who wants to go on a unicorn quest to prove unicorns aren’t real?


I wouldn’t give the stupid cunt bitch the views.

Josh Edrington

Same god-of-the-gaps argument, different crazy intellectually disingenuous




They claim that there is no proof for the existance of a God. If there is
no proof, then you can’t claim that one exists. That’s different then
claiming that they are certain a God does not exist. Making that claim also
requires proof.

Ryan Masters

*Facepalm intensifies*

ATHEISTS DON’T EXIST !!! Documentary –

How do you know that the god you believe in is the only god there is? In order for you to know this you must be more knowledgeable than the god that you believe in.