Atheists React To Suicide And Eric Hovind… – VIDEO


Atheists react. To what? To the infuriatingly bat shit ideas that so many of our fellow humans seem to cling to and need. In this particular case, the buck toothed jag offs over at Creation…



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Atheists React

Hey, if you are one of the people I used in this video and want to have
your channel listed for people to check out, reply to this and give us a
link. Thanks!

Atheists React

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TobyKid Major

I’m the one in the weird blue hoodie. I recorded my little part in this a few weeks before I tried to kill myself for the first and only time, and it had nothing to do with not lurving Jeahzus. Bad combination of stopping antidepressants suddenly and a few other things. People who talk like them in that dumbass tv show make it painfully obvious they don’t have a lot of experience with this sort of thing. Not that I have a lot, but you know what I mean. An atheist in this video, the one in black and white… Read more »

Jacob Lively

I actually saw a few Christians get all giddy about Robins death…


Bat shit crazy Eric Hovind is an uneducated huckster who has followed in
the footsteps of his father Kent Hovind, a convicted felon and creationist
wingnut. After his father’s ten year prison sentence in 2007, Eric took
over Creation Science Evangelism and renamed it Creation Today in 2012. He
shares his father’s penchant for money-grabbing and the holy profit,
selling 60-second-spots for $5.00 each. Since 2012 Hovind has used YouTube
to sell nuggets of wisdom, like his home-produced DVD Creation Today series
and is now asking for donations to produce a DVD project to sell.


You need to cut this down to 15-20 minutes tops…. Like the concept
though:) thanks guys!


+BionicDance Glad to see you’re a part of this video! Love your reactions.


I cringe every time I see my animation software glitches out but I’m happy +
Atheism-is-Unstoppable and +Atheists React included me. And no I wasn’t
using FaceRig to make light of things or try to be fancy, I just can’t
really show my face online until my dad is found, but I figured something
is better than nothing in terms of registering facial reactions. So unless
wearing a mask like +GirlDoesRant would have been better, this was the best
I could do. :(


+superjoker HeHey You got a call up by the Kangaroo. :D


devon, awesome video. do you have a list of any of their channels? id like
to check some of them out more


Trying to be entertaining but theyre providing nomedy and not comedy.
Not-comedy = nomedy. The real irony being that they were talking about
someones pain which pushed them to suicide, while causing pain in suffering
with their shite unentertaining show. If they want to make life unbearable
for people they should continue their show.


“What we want or don’t” is the title of Point Blank Supernova’s debut album
right +BionicDance ? 


XD it’s actually 0.011428571428571429 %

SciFi Jory

So cool! the best Atheist YouTube video I seen yet! A group of the smartest
and coolest people I ever seen, ripping apart the most stupidest and
repulsive little pricks I have ever seen!

Live long and prosper every one in this video. 


You have out done yourself with this video. Awesome. 

wolf wing

And isn’t patch adams a terrible example because it’s actually offensive to
the doctor it’s based upon as he was far better then portrayed? Movie
seems to show him as comedian first then doctor, but it was other way
around. I’ve seen a few analysis on the movie.

Jesse King

Thank you for this compilation. It must have taken a long time to go
through all those video’s and combine them. I always find Eric’s idiocy
amusing, but it’s also scary to think that people believe him.

My only complaint is the huge variations in volume. As I turn up the sound
just so I can barely hear one person, the very next person will blow my
eardrums out. But I understand it would take even more time to go through
and volume correct each segment.

Stuart Gould

I want more of these! I wanna help out again. maybe two or three atheist a
episode watch the same (one) video then there could be lots of content for
different episodes. 

Jack Hughman

Anybody notice how Eric Hovind and the other guy always change roles? First
one of them is the smart guy, and then the other one is the smart guy. It’s
like Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie trying to intimidate Lisa in that one


All nihilists are atheists but not all atheists are nihilists


Made my morning! Thanks for including me!


Mormons commit suicide at a an extremely high rate, demonstrating what
happens when you can never “measure up”. It’s like a donkey chasing a
carrot hanging from a stick…. you keep trying but you can’t ever get the
prize. Religion is bullshit.

ad hoc Joc

ahahah, the lady @ 17:15 actually can not get to grips that that fucking
demented twat is being serious ahaha! 

Alan W

As an atheist suicide is definitely an option for me…but only to avoid a
painful end to my life. Christians on the other hand must suffer till the


Eric Hovind’s astronomical faggotry drives me to suicide… and FACK them
for bringing a great such as Robin to make their moronic statements.

Revenge of Bcraig5

I’ve never battled alcohol, drugs, or depression. I’ve never killed myself
either. Oops, guess I’m not an atheist…

Laughing Dog

OK. Well. I just finished watching and here are my observations: First, thanks to everyone who watched and responded. My hats off to your volunteering. I don’t think I could have done it without reaching through the PC screen and throttling Eric. Second. You have to remember who the intended audience that Eric was playing to, Christians and those who are devout followers of their dogma. The fact that they managed to get in our faces and create a stir among us atheists was merely icing on the cake as far as they are concerned. It is only when we… Read more »


I am not alone, don’t forget you you have brothers and sisters in the
business world too. Thanks for putting me in. Meant the world to me.

Anthony Peasley

It is hard for me to believe that nihilists are atheists, they believe there is no meaning to life, and religion gives people a “meaning to life” Now, for ME, if pushed on the question, yes I am a nihilist, I think any intellectually honest atheist would be as well.. BUT, doesn’t mean I obsess over it, yes ultimately my life means NOTHING, everyone I know and love today will be dust and ultimately amount to NOTHING on the grand scheme of things… I just don’t see why that should stop me from enjoying myself while I am here… and… Read more »


Am I the only one who is afraid when Jackass senior gets his prison free
card? I mean, one is painful, two torture…


Eric Hovind and his Creation Today buddy are either two of the stupidest
people on earth or they are brilliant and powning everyone. I vote for the


The most annoying thing about Eric Hovind is that he has already been previously corrected on absolutely everything that was mentioned in his video on several occasions. Yet every single time he (and many other presuppositionalists) simply covers his ears, declares his victory, and continues to spout his misinformation as if the conversation never happened. He refuses to admit he was wrong because he knows his followers will blindly take everything he says at face value. I used to think that Hovind was just extremely naive but after watching several of his talks and debates, I’ve come to realize that… Read more »


It is a shame the last video got taken down over a music copyright. That
said, I think you have a far better music selection this time around.
Loves me some M83.
Don’t recognize the flute though; Midnight City mash up? If it’s a mash
up, then the flute fits exceedingly well.

David Ray

I hope these idiots don’t breed. The gene pool won’t suffer from there lack
of a contribution.

The Fifth Lord: Silence

And when you dig in to Kent Hovind’s life you fine he is in prison for tax
fraud or something. So go christanity.


Good to see this video back up. Loved it!


THIS IS SO FUCKING FUNNY!!! I need to be in the next one XD


Just found this channel and subbed. I hope no ones actually going through
suicidal thoughts, though I personally have. In response to the video: I
think to a degree skeptisism can lead to unhappiness (ignorance is bliss,
as they say). But it also leads to curiousity and wonder at the world
around us, and I’m more happy as an atheist than worshipping some asshole
god. Also, Stuart has some kickass fucking sideburns :D

Stuart Gould

Also each person’s individual reaction video would be easy and something
that could be uploaded immediately.

Nino reljic

Wtf in the name of Science is this!???@.@???

Rick Goodner

Jewmungie cord jumping. 

Jo SoProductions

If these people have accounts, could someone please hunt them down and put
their channels in the description.I need more atheist content.

Skeptic knowledge

I don’t know what to say… Eric Hovind is a complete idiot, I know people
he has spoken to and have seen the hangouts. He has completely mutilated
everything he has heard. As for life, it has a purpose, to carry genes on
to the next generation, to better itself. Its called the will to live. Life
is much more precious, ALL LIFE! Sorry that is my reaction to the video.

I couldn’t take watching the whole video in one sitting it was so horrible (the creationists not atheists).