1. Funny how Atheists come on a pro-Religion channel and complain. Tolerant
    Atheism strikes again. Besides, all mass murderers were atheists.

  2. I totally agree Cedric, this atheists will burn in hell if they keep acting
    like that.
    They need to start reading the bible and asking god for forgiveness.

  3. Vereinbart, Cedric. Atheists are hooligans who should be locked.

    RELIGION IST GUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I thought you were more intelligent to use the argument “you cant prove god
    does not exist” but obviously i thought wrong.

  5. 1. That is a generalization, not all atheists are alike; not all people are
    alike. There are a lot of atheists who do understand what they talk about,
    and with schools in certain places being more open when it comes to the
    possibility that god doesn’t exist, more and more people are being brought
    up with a broader education which wasn’t available in the past due to
    religious restrictions. So you don’t know if they know what they’re talking
    about or not. Also, if they’re reading books and articles and even
    referencing these articles then at least they are making an attempt to
    educate themselves so they can gain an understanding of what they believe.

    2. People’s ability to learn more and more about the universe is increasing
    each day and we have uncovered and learned so much about this world now
    that we weren’t able to in the past due to restrictions at the time and the
    intolerance of religious people who would kill those who didn’t blindly
    believe everything that the Bible said. There are many theories out there
    based on evidence that suggest that the universe wasn’t created by a deity.
    As times advance maybe we’ll be able to present concrete undeniable
    evidence in the future. Also this argument is stupid as those who believe
    in a god still haven’t proved that there is one and have far less evidence
    than the atheists.

    3. It’s not a matter of being a rebel, some people can’t just believe in
    something that seems so absurd especially when there is no proof that god
    exists. Also, in some places, the majority of people are atheists, so it’s
    not just people going against the grain to look cool. Why is it so hard for
    you to believe that people don’t believe that a man appeared out of nowhere
    and created the world?

    4. Most people have morals, we feel empathy for other people. There are
    people out there (of every religion including Christianity) who are
    sociopaths and don’t feel empathy and are more willing to do awful things
    to others. There are lots of good atheists out there who do volunteer work
    without being paid and all other stuff to help people and other living
    things. There are also many bad Christians out there who abuse and kill
    people, so your argument is invalid. Also there are lots of Christians who
    are pro-abortion and lots of atheists anti-abortion. Concerning the sick
    sexual acts, you hear of religious people raping children and relatives, so
    stop with your condescending attitude and just accept that humans as a
    whole are a flawed species and it’s not just those who are atheists.

    5. You don’t have any proof that god exists, and atheists use evidence to
    support their theories and their theories are more realistic than those of
    Christians. So again, more of your stupid flawed arguments.

  6. Fuck them atheist gaylords they think they are smart when the real truth is
    they are fucking retarded.

    They need to accept the God exists and is our saviour.

    Dem fat neckbeards suck smelly penis. Like dat dumb amazing atheist who
    soaked his ballz in oil that sick motherfucker he loves pushing dicks and
    bannanas up his ass.

    We will all go to heaven and they will burn in hell. Haha my skinny wj we
    are safe

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