Why Do Atheists Talk About Religion? Good question… VIDEO



How does your religion affect an atheist? Why do we even bother talking about it? Have any more questions? Go ahead and ask! I’m sure someone will be happy t…



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Samuel Rockbridge

Really lets see the definitions of religion:
1. the belief in a god or in a group of gods….NOPE
2. an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods…..NOPE
3. an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group…..POSSIBLY but this can be applied to a hell of a lot of things like my interest in video games or football

Samuel Rockbridge

That’s like saying people speak or make gestures when they want something. All communication elicits attention, its trivial.
Atheists talk about religion because they see it negatively impacting the lives of themselves and/or others and being forced upon them. They talk about it to get people to be critical of their beliefs and base them on rational thought and real experience.

Dand AinTac

How do you define “religion”?


No it’s not.


Exactly! Atheism is just another religion.


Yes dear, I did 🙂 The reason I said “fact” is because this is how we are as humans, regardless of what we believe in. If I am strong or null on something I will generally focus in that area in a conversation. It’s much like politics: republican or democrat, ect., etc. If you’re the minority you will tend to speak louder for the attention in your area. I wasn’t trying to be cruel or hateful towards you, the video or anyone else. I was just stating how us silly humans can be 😉


Atheist’s talk about religion because we think religion is the strangest thing… Santa is more believable


Haha, it’s funny how you have such a distorted idea of what a “fact” is. You can’t just say something is a “fact” or “true” because it’s what YOU want to be the truth. Did you not watch the video at all?


atheist discuss/talk about religion because they want attention — fact.


Look up the creation museum

Necro Mancer

I am agnostic so I don’t know. Want to piss of a believer.. When they ask what your religion is.. Say “I don’t know” and watch their face contort in new and funny ways.


Whats up Kim you sane, free thinking human being. You sound like a super strong person 🙂

Randall Lane

Awesome! A good quote to remember.




I’ll give an example of why I have a problem with religion… spending 30 million dollars to create a ridiculous museum to de-educate the public and perpetuate ignorance. That’s one reason.



Brayan Carrera

Why do people laugh at creationists? Only creationists don’t know why!

Kim Love

No but seriously, the idea of questioning your beliefs outside of your beliefs was a HUGE no no in the Mormon church. They made us fear the possibility of outside sources telling us lies. Well, the truth is, the lies from outside sources were the real truths. They use fear to keep them trapped and dependent. It’s terrible.

Kim Love

I moved to Provo Utah six years ago as a life long member of the LDS church. I went to a Fall Out Boy concert (in salt lake city) soon after moving there. The last thing Pete Wentz said before leaving the stage was, “Question your beliefs outside of your beliefs.” I moved out of Utah a year ago as an Atheist. Hi, me name is Kim 🙂


Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol pot, three reasons atheists should never hold office.

Virginia Bradley

Great job expressing yourself! I believe we all need to respect each other’s right to be different and we should all think individually.


what is the blue mark on the upper right hand side of your video ???

Wendy Camille

As a fan of yours for years, I am still pleasantly surprised to see that you are a fellow atheist. You said everything perfectly and I could not agree more.


I hate when people force their beliefs on me I usually scream rape and they just back off


good comment