Debate between Athieists with random single track minded big mouthed christian needs to have his ignorant say….. enjoy 🙂 Frank Schaeffer Frank Schaeffer N…



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Henry Adda Chaisritha

TBH AND I SAY TO BE HONEST!! Atheist are mostly ugly. I’M JUST SAYING!


That black dude is definitely cherry picking, the act of slavery in the
bible was considered a normal thing & even Jesus stated that an “bad
behaving” slave should be punished badly depending on the circumstances
because he is the property of the master.
That may not mean directly at black people but it means EVERYONE that is
looked down on, which white slavers saw blacks as inferior and used the
bibles purpose for there own needs.
Lol being a black Christian is the theological equivalent of being a Jewish

mia babic

Saying you believe in god is like saying ghosts are real


If the big band did happen, who or what created it? It says in Genesis 1:1
– In the beginning, God created Heaven and the Earth.

Jordan Smith

Problem with atheist side (not even 15 seconds into video, im atheist BTW),
you do need faith in science as to trust that your principles and absolute
laws and rules are true. The rules of Science have changed before.

Frank Romero

Where did god come from? That’s my question thanks (:

Paulus Joshua

Evolution is a farce. There’s not one geologic example for intermediary
species. Not one. For 150 years or so, man in his ever-consistent
foolishness has been looking in the dirt for his origin and has found
nothing but fragments of bones–it’s time mankind starts looking up.

Diego Perez

Religions are always winner than atheist.

Thomas O'Keefe

God is real.


So If I don’t know something,I am going to insert the word God in it like a
retarded lazy cunt? This is why religious idiots don’t evolve because
hey,if you answer god for everything then there is no initiative you will
take to find the answer.That stupid black guy.Fuck him

Johnny Goldtimbers

Everyone (besides me because I am forced to comment to tell you all how
stupid you all are) who comments on Youtube videos has no life. What a sad
species, humans have become. Most of them stay indoors and stare at the
computer screen, watching videos, making rude comments, as if anyone really
cares to what you actually say.

I also love how long some of these hate comments are. It is like they are
trying to type a speech. Look outside. It’s beautiful out there. 


Atheists have superseded the religious as the top-most bullheaded,
obnoxious group with a chip on their shoulder.

Shawn M

Stupid athestits!! Dont they no that Jesus is coming back too are planet
when the raptor happens… if they dont repent there going strait to
hell……I will pray 4 there souls. Amen


0:28 soo much stupidity coming from the black guy…. hooly shit… When humans could not explain rain, thunder and volcanos they also said: We dont know. But after that, we found out about. Religious people always try to use things that can not be explained until they see, that it IS possible indeed. 4:56 Well, not from religious books. I think “slaughter your religious enemies and disbelievers” and “keep a woman quiet at church” is not really moral, right? Plus: The things with homophobia that the woman said are also very true! 6:32 But all these scientific explorations come from,… Read more »

Tony Montana

im an Athiest but I’m a unique one. I don’t believe in the big bang or
evolution. I personally think we were always here. I also believe it takes
more faith to believe in evolution than it does god. my opinion though 

Josef Zaggoti

I hate how “religion” is always just christianity in media. No I don’t.


One second before the Big Bang… Good grief.

This is a common (and frankly ignorant) method used by people to attack
science. If someone (or even all of science) cannot answer some question,
it somehow disproves science. What a failure of logic.

How dare people attack science one day, then go to the doctor or use their
TV the next day. If people don’t like science, don’t use anything science
has given you.


I’m not going to share my beliefs, as that would certainly stack one party against me instantaneously. But what people need to stop doing is taking shots at the other belief and then getting all defensive when they try to prove you otherwise. This includes Christians bringing up creation or atheists bringing up what they believe, which is he doesn’t exist. If you’re going to throw your narrow minded opinion on the internet, no matter what team you play on, expect some debate and knockback, as compared to calling someone an asshole just because the other person said that “their… Read more »

Ariel The Mermaid xP

The big bang.. is a THEORY. May God be with you and help you all who refuse to believe. You choose your own path, God gave us freedom of choice, yet you spit in his face anyways. He did not program us to believe and obey him. That’s our job. Jesus comes back soon. On the day he comes back, you can’t say you didn’t know of him or haven’t been told about him. From the very moment you hear of Jesus you have the opportunity to follow him and believe. He is in fact our Lord and saviour. He… Read more »

KingCat LXIX

If there was no religion. We be way way more advanced in the future than we
are now. AND no probably no terrorist attacks.


I would prefer the entire video of this show to be put up or found. I hate
when people cut to points that atheists make and show very little to some
points on the other side. thats not a debate if you cut out the other side,
regardless of what side your for or against. 


Common Atheists, *who is your sky daddy*??

Ian McCormick

in the first 15 seconds the Christian already trolled the


Exudus 21, GO!

Paddy Browne

Funny how the most angry people in that discussion where religious

mohammed omar

[Say, “Wait, for indeed I am, with you, among the waiters.” Or do their minds command them to [say] this, or are they a transgressing people? Or do they say, “He has made it up”? Rather, they do not believe. Then let them produce a statement like it, if they should be truthful. Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.] Qur’an 52:31-36 [And they say, “There is none but our worldly life, and we will not be resurrected.” If you… Read more »


science doesnt need faith… of course… because science can only explain
what is observable to us and not what’s beyond. And that is why science and
faith can co-exist.