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Andrew Purvis

Psalty is a real book! I tweeted a picture of the copy i was given as a kid to you both! 


How can I play the role of a dog-man whom is loved by children?


Well I found 1 name related to the dog, but I don't know if it was the actor on stage or if he voiced the dog. His name is Robb Rigg.

knight wing

If I ever get the chance, I will use that horrible show as source material for a YouTube Poop.

Dustin Gleason

That really is creepy. I remember I used to watch bible man and veggie tails at church but at least they weren't creepy.

Christina Bishop (Maryk)

Blue meanies must be offended

Mac Ballantyne

This is why religion (Christianity) in general is so stupid. I'd rather be a Muslim than a Christian, at least they have a little bit more freedom that Christians.

Polly Ticks

Uh-oh another Friday night with nothing to do again. I know what we can do. Let's take an elementary school kid's fantasy show, turn the sound off so no one else can hear it and critique it for 20 minutes. Yeah, that's what we can do.

Eric Ardis

The blue man group is offended.


Clearly religion just makes paedophilia. So why not be honest about it? Bible Brothel. Go in and have sex with people dressed up as kids dressed up as Bible characters. Like Methuselah in a diaper. It's what they all want. Somebody give it to 'em already.

Eysad Weasdiuc

Those "furries" are actually a secret evil evolution reference. the moose is there tribe leader

12:23 should be the thumbnail!