Atheists Watch Colby V Psalty : Dawn of Jesus – VIDEO


Crossovers are a lazy cash grab, so here is one of those

Original Psalty Review-

Original Colby Review-




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Vasectomy Fail

do religious folk not know the difference between a QWERTY keyboard and a musical keyboard?


Why isn't this McGee & Me?

Adrian Ortega

Before watching: oh god, it's Blue Blackface Book vs Christian Ultron. What else will these people come up with?

Drakonis .Imperial

… and in the grand-slam finale BIbleman (and his diversity required non-threatening black sidekick) shows up and kills EVERYONE for worshipping false idols (Psalty and Colby) with his patent-pending "Notalightsaber" ™ Levite style.

Kitsune Aitsuki

Wow. They couldn't even keep the first guy around to keep being Psalty, it seems.

Kevin Simmons

So when does Bibleman appear WW style?

TheBlue Sentinel

As an expert on PCs, I'll tell you that prayer is one of the best techniques to use while assembling one. Trust in god more than the construction book, and you can get… either nothing done or have a short circuit.

TheBlue Sentinel

Put all the praise songs on the internet, people will connect to them. The internet is literally a Christian's worst enemy, actually.


There are very few instances that can get me to laugh at the 9/11 attacks… Bravo.


Dark Souls level lore \[T]//


Not only is Psalty married, but he has three kids. I'm kinda curious what a pregnant book looks like.


But how did peanut butter get in the computer?


How about the epic, the Ten Commandments? Actually, a favorite of mine. The colors, acting, cinimatography, editing, fx, it's all so big. Just a thought.