Atheists Watch “Heaven is for Real” – VIDEO


Hugo and Jake take a look at the newest in a long line of films tailored to give Christians all those warm fuzzy feelings inside. TBR MERCH! LIMITED TIME! …



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Sorry everyone, had to re upload this due to audio issues.


Hey, I’m afraid of butterflies too! And moths. It’s the fluttering, man. It
just freaks me out for some reason. Butterfly houses are my worst
nightmare. I actually got made fun of in 9th grade because I refused to go
into one on a field trip to the natural science museum. Once, I was boating
with friends and the boat went through a swarm of butterflies. I hid under
a towel and everyone laughed at me >.> anyway, great video. I really enjoy
your reviews :D

Jacob Lively

I was forced to read the book version…

Gustav Rammelsberg

I can’t fucking wait…

Blake Stephens

My school is going to make me read this book and watch the movie
YYYYYYAAAAAAaaaaaaaaayyyyy? >_<

Rin Aldrin

I had a dream once after watching Future Diary where I checked a phone that
was lying around thinking it was a Future Diary. That and my phone allowed
me to teleport to the location of any number I called. Also at some point
in the dream people were playing Betrayal at House on the Hill but it was
Jumanji like for some reason. My dreams are strange.

Tarfiel Archelone

So a fetus got into heaven? Why do pro life people hate abortion again?


Hasn’t it been shown several times that Jesus would have been nailed
through his wrists not his hands? Wouldn’t the kid saying Jesus had holes
in his hands be a red flag that it wasn’t real?


Will you ever watch Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed? 


Heaven is for real, real stupid people.

Al Malone

Even tho you might not respond Hugo and/or jake I ALWAYS wanted you armored
septic, Jacklin glen, Steve shives, amazing athiest, and darkmatter2525 to
do a cinema sins type video with these types of movies(if you don’t know
who they are check them out) so the point is what is the probability of
y’all working together on a video like this in the near future

Also I have heart Cancer

Ok fine I don’t but please respond I really want this to happen!

Elliot Burr

Why the repost?

Mikenna MacLachlan

* Little boy gets to Heaven and is greeted by his sister who died before she could be born * Eeeeewwww! What are you! * Fetus flops around and makes squishing noises…kind of like Magikarp * You’re my sister? * Fetus flops around some more * Oh, you died inside Mommy? * More flopping * How am I understanding you? * More flopping, seems to be agitated flopping this time * Oh! You mean to tell me you’re just a fetus flopping around and that I’m just making things up so that I can feel better? I’m really just connecting… Read more »

william tucker

What do you mean guys. This is OBVIOUSLY a documentary about REAL events!
*Giggles like a schoolgirl*

Also, gross sidenote:
When I went in to have surgery on my dick, I had a hallucination about an
angel. Does that mean that i can make thousands of dollars off of a winning
novel too? About an angel who showed up while doctors were inside my dick?


The god of the bible is too evil and violent, that we would be able to
create a place like “heaven”.

Black Wolf

out of body experiences have been tested, like with writing or objects on
top of shelves, that the levitating soul would have seen. Not once did the
people claiming they drifted up and saw everything actually see what was
there. Everyone knows about the beeping machines and the surgery team
laboring around. But gullible fools and their con artists still pretend
that “knowledge” of these things somehow proves it wasn’t made up or


Ever notice that whenever a White American has a near-death experience,
they always go to Heaven and meet Jesus, and somehow they never end up
burning in Hell or seeing Vishnu sitting on a cloud?

Zum Zamim

When I saw the husband and wife picnicking on the top of a fire truck with
the gentle breeze combing the endless green fields, I expected a voiceover
saying “Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex and if
Cialis is right for you…”

Charlie Elston

And I already thought Greg Kinnear had starred in some shitty movies… He
will henceforth be called Sorbo 2.0

El J man

George of the jungle slightly dated myself. 

joshua belleville

Butterfly’s are one of the few carnivorous insects.


Well clearly deathly ill preschoolers have all the answers to the greatest


so god nearly kills i’m guessing a 6 year old boy so he could see heaven
come back and tell us he’s real? Anyone else feeling awfully stupid all of
the sudden i’m just…. uuuhhhhh….. oh 4 ok wrote this before watching.
Wait that makes it even more stupid…. uuuhhhh…

Elliot Burr

I lost it at ‘Old Testament, motherfucker’…

AllaN Johnson

You guys should do this for the latest Noah film, it’d be nice to hear your
thoughts on it. 

xRaNd0Mx Wolf

You guys should review the book “The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti


HUGO: Which do you feel has more evidence supporting it, God or UFOs?


Will you guys watch the new Kirk Cameron movie?


Get your TBR shirt while supplies last!

Camaron Gowesky

Did anyone read this kid’s tweets? If they were legit, this kid was super
creepy! He tweeted about how he doesn’t sleep and how this life doesn’t
mean anything, how he wants to go back and how terrible this life is, and
how you can shoot each other for fun in heaven and not die.


Every single time I see Thomas Haden Church I think “Hey that’s the badguy
in George of the Jungle!”