1. Fun fact about the scene at the end where they kiss: That's not the same actress playing the wife. It's Kirk Cameron's own wife standing in, because he refused to kiss anyone but his own wife.

  2. You guys need to watch "Christian Mingle: The Movie." That shit is so awkwardly cringe worthy it'll have you laughing your ass off non-stop….especially during the date scenes. XDDDD

  3. Okay so you guys said you wanted some ideas for movies. Well, there's this movie that I saw with my friends that's called Holy Ghost. Basically, the guy who directed the documentary Darren Wilson actually claims that God really is the director of this film. Like he actually wanted to put in the credits Directed by God or something but they didn't. Any way, I sorta have an experience with this film. I just graduated high school and I went to a conservative private Christian school. I didn't really fit in because I'm agnostic and also kinda liberal. I had a group of friends that wanted me to watch the movie with and all of my friends were so moved by it and I'll be honest I was to. To the point where I actually wanted to be Christian. It wasn't so much the movie it was more that I was glad I was finally getting to hangout with a group of guys and feel welcomed and they actually care about me. And of course, they wanted to teach me Christianity. After watching that film with my new friends I thought, "maybe this actually real". And all my new friends hugged me and I cried and I was honestly ready to try to be a believer and a follower. Oh boy, did I regret that pretty quick haha. Rethinking about the movie, a genuine part of it is touchy but the beginning half is pretty crappy. As of right now, I have gone back to be agnostic. I don't think I could ever call myself an athiest but based all the things I've read and seen and truly experienced in my life I don't think I could ever call myself a Christian.

  4. I had to set through this movie with my religious family, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME HONESTLY I COULD OF BEEN WATCHING PORN.

  5. Why was the movie flipped horizontally, it made all the text really hard to read. I think that it may have been to do with copyright,

  6. That "green digital camo" looks like MARPAT to me, but I can't tell because the scene goes so fast.

  7. I've watched several of these in a row now. While they're all annoying in their own way and I can understand and appreciate your frustration and consequent eye rolling in each of the videos, I think this one made me rage for the simple fact that Cameron apparently doesn't even lift.

  8. +TheBibleReloaded that camo is marpat , it is the marine corps camo. we arent going to war with space veitnam … yet 😛 

    marpat is best pat , but flektarn is best tarn

  9. "All good things can be done without religion. For bad things to become "acceptable" you need religion's blessing. Slavery, segregation, anti-gay crusading, anti-women politics…all in the name of God. Enough already! " – That sums it up perfectly, and nobody seems to be able offer any counter argument.

  10. That green camo is that seabees in the navy wear. As for the military worship you both are exactly right it's way over done

  11. This kept my parents shitty marriage going another 6 years, during which my mother threatened suicide. THANKS KIRK THANK YOU SO MUCH

  12. Christian movies are for people that believe in God and want to enjoy something that they can identify without having to use the mute button or turn the channel. Your whole conversation is X rated. You can degrade a million christian movies, but the fact that you try so hard to prove how unreal our faith and God is proves how real he actually is. Why fight against something that doesn't even exist?

  13. I think we all know the reason we're really here is that intro, don't lie to me you know it's true.

  14. good thing he didn't get the boat. His life would of been far more miserable.

  15. The camo used by the solder at the train scene, Is a US Marine. The camo is correct, it is a Woodland version of MARPAT.

    Yeah… I had to. :P

  16. I don't know how this movie feels about relationships or human feelings or really anything. Basically like all the movies here the moral is Jeebus will fix everything.

  17. The camo the cliche army guy character was wearing was MARPAT. The marines use it. He was probably supposed to be a marine.

  18. The guys that were drag racing were in a Subaru svx! That's by far the best part of this movie 

  19. Noticed that the film clips are all mirrored and backwards. Is that for like a legal thing, or just a weird thing that happens in the uploading?

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