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Maximus 97

I’ve always found the case for a historical Jesus to be pretty weak, I hear this from a lot of atheists “There probably was a historical Jesus of some sort, who was a wise teacher and his teaching morphed into the character of Jesus etc” But I’ve spent time looking into it and I really see no archaeological or historical evidence for a Jesus who matches that description. There really is no evidence to suggest that idea is true. I think a lot of people like to latch onto it because it makes sense. All mythology is based on some… Read more »


I was raised Catholic and they usually tended to focus on the “sacrifice” of Jesus rather than the message of Jesus, so it’s really no surprise that this Catholic made movie is a high quality snuff film. They can be a very ‘fire and brimstone’ lot, very judgemental at times. Even in church they have pictures on the walls of the crusifiction, not the nice words he said, but reliefs of a man being tortured and murdered. Later in life I heard that TV and video games are a bad influence on kids, I remember going to church as a… Read more »

Mira Bellenbaum

So its basically a torture porn with jesus as a main character, nice!


Never realized JonTron was Herod

Lana Winters

I was raised as a Christian, we went to church three times a week from the time I was two weeks old, and I’ve never understood why we’re supposed to be so grateful to Jesus for “dying for us”. I asked questions about it all the time and never got satisfactory answers: God was the one who decided that a blood sacrifice was necessary and he sent Jesus to Earth specifically to die. So if Jesus’ death was a tragedy then isn’t God the one who’s a dick (as opposed to the Romans or the Jews) for making that rule… Read more »


Fun Fact(?): The soldier who stabbed Jesus is a saint in the Catholic
Church. According to legend, one of his eyes was blind. When he stabbed
Jesus, it’s said that the blood water got in his eyes and cured his
blindness. He was supposed to be a Christian from then on.

I don’t believe this, but I find it kind of cool that they threw that into
the movie. Kind of a nice little Easter Egg (heh) for the devout Catholics
or devout ExCatholics like me.


Been a sub for a long time, but that intro song just doesnt get old. Best
intro ever.


I only know about this movie from Southpark.


Jesus inventing chairs is yet another thing that Satan tried to discredit
beforehand by having them exist in early dynastic Egypt!

He even probably had Moses sit on a chair, the swine!

Renan Silva

Medieval Aronra at 34:51, lol

John Shiva

Just remember that jesus suffered an ENTIRE WEEKEND for your salvation.


I think Life of Brian is more accurate depiction of the last days of jebus

Jonathan Lewis

Can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this one. You guys are fucking

Hector Defendi

In part 2, Jesus does a few drive-bys from His 64 Impala with His enchanted
UZI. lol

Gábor Koszper

This is one of the most angering about this film. That Mel Gibson said,
it’s true to the Bible. I don’t remember the Bible having gratuituously
long and gruesomely detailed beatings. Flogging in slow motion ISN’T
faithful to the Bible. It’s the distortion of the Bible. One of the
interesting traits of sacred texts is that they are written in a
matter-of-fact style. Because it isn’t important to help us imagine how
things happened. Only that is interesting WHAT happened, and not the
details of how.


We live in a supernatural world. This world was superseded by God’s
authority. There just can’t be no other explanation. We are pointed to the
heavens to see any event that my appear in the heavens above. There
organized life on this planet when there shouldn’t be life here. Either we
are the luckiest creatures in the universe to support life, or there is a
purpose why we are here in this matrix. 


+TheBibleReloaded, You guys should add subtitles to your intro theme, with
one of those little balls that bounces from word to word so we can sing

ihave noidea

Why would Jesus be beaten so savagely and treated so “special” by the
Romans and Jews if he was nothing more than a heretic? Glorification and
exaggeration aggrandizes an otherwise mundane story. 


Odin’s beard! I knew it was coming sooner or later but… Yeah. =P

Rory reviewer

No, they don’t portray Jesus getting nailed through the hands to make it
look more painful. They do it because the Bible says that the crucifixion
holes were in his hands, so fuck reality.


the whole jesus sacrifice is dumb,
who exactly did jesus sacrifice himself TO ???
– god ? (so god is bad and jesus fights against god to save human ?)
much cooler if theres a sword battle that jesus fight god
– a higher powerful being than god ?
– himself ? (crazy statement)

or the question should be in the form of what ?
– nature ?

TC Sam

Life of Brian was a far better movie. 


I went to this movie the first week it came out because my Mom wanted to see it, having heard great things about it. Anyway, there was a reporter from the Jersey Journal there who was asking people what they though and why they wanted to see it. Among other things, I said “I think Mel Gibson is pervert who likes to film handsome young men splayed and flayed” I figured that would never get into the article because it was going to be a feel good puff piece. WRONG!!! It was not only the first sentence used in the… Read more »


Back in high school when I was still christian I remember getting talked
into seeing this movie with my cousin’s youth group. And I remember oddly
enough despite not watching a lot of gorey movies and still believing back
then that this movie just…bored me. I wasn’t guilt tripped by, I wasn’t
even all that grossed out by the torture porn aspect. I was just…bored.
Maybe because I’d seen some weird stuff already like the end of Akira but
the movie just left no impact on me whatsoever.

David Razi

Herrod was played by Jon Jafari, apparently.


Yeshua ben Yusuf, from Nazareth, may not have known Latin, but Jesus the
Son of God can be argued to have known every language. Just sayin’.
The Bible said Jesus received 39 lashes. Did they count correctly in the
Why did they make Peter so pretty in this movie?
Caiaphas looks like a slow pitch softball pitcher.

Radix Malorum

Jesus’s death was nowhere near a “sacrifice”.

If I knew that if I were tortured and murdered horribly but in exchange I
got to come back to life as an omnipotent God a few days later I would take
that deal. Anyone would.

A true sacrifice would be if God stayed dead.


8:20 – *anglo saxon germanic guy shows up wearing furs and a nasal helmet
and a round shield, brown/red/blonde haired white guy/so germanic it hurts*

*Random Roman soldier speaking latin* “Die barbarian!”

*anglo saxon* “Wait, why am I dressed like this? Oh… because it’s 0
BC.” *badum tish*

Tom Wiedenfeld

Those are Sadducees, not Pharisees. Claiming to be King of the Jews, or
Messiah, is not blasphemy. Claiming to be the Son of God is blasphemy.
Those are two different things. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. There
is a story about Mary Magdalene and there is a story about a prostitute.
They are two different stories. Come on guys. I expect better from you.


Just me, but doesn’t everyone in this movie look a bit too… Caucasian? I
mean, there’s not even one olive-skinned Roman in the entire movie, and
don’t get me started on the supposed Middle-Eastern characters…!

Gary Montana

This is torture porn. I love you guys, love listening to you so I had to
open another tab while listening and could barely even watch after the
beating and the crown of thorns. Holy crap, this movie is terrible. Not
even the worst gore filled horror film has stuff this bad. 

Holz Name

24:00 That’s the biggest flaw in this whole Jesus story. If he was really
the son of God, and God wanted to forgive everyone and save everyone, after
Jesus arrest would be the best opportunity to show the whole world that he
is in fact the Messiah by performing some miracles. How many billions of
people Jesus would have saved if Jesus would just have performed some
miracles in front of Pilate.

Cory Jamal Andriani-Williams

Check out Richard Carier’s argument for why there is a good possibility
that the Jesus of the bible wasn’t based on a mortal man at all.


An hour long one? Sheesh, I was thinking the Jesus Camp one was long.
Man I cringed at some of this and normally I’m fine with most explicit
stuff, how is this something you want in a religion is beyond me

Phillip Oliver-Holz

Hey Bible Reloaded guys, just wondering how you guys are going going about
the more “loose” books of The Bible like Psalms and Proverbs when you get
to them. They seem like they’d be incredibly difficult to cover. Have you
two given that any thought?


You know what is a lot worse death than a crucifixion? A Judas Cradle.
What if the story of Jesus ended in a Judas Cradle? Would people wear
little Judas cradles on their necks? Would a stigmata just be a torn


Fear Monarch

Plot twist, jesus is a huge Masochist and just comes down to earth in one
form or another just to be beaten and tortured.
I remember one time they had that revolving prize wheel at Walmart (you
know, where you try and hit the button and the prize lands on the winning
slot thing?) and they had a row of dvd prizes. One of the dvds was the
passion. There was a sticker on it that said “Great Family Film!” I shit
you not. 


I heard ‘Son of God’ tells Jesus’s story more than this movie does. It does
have the Crucifix and torture scene but it’s not as brutal as Passion is.
So a suggestion if you guys want a more ‘tame’ movie of his life to

John Mirra

Golden rule predates jesus by over 500 years, it’s Confuscious.

Shawn Lucas

42 seconds of Hugo & Jake theme music feels like too much.
Kinda like traveling thru a huge bush of pussy fur, trying to find the good


18:03 That is the FAKEST fake slap I’ve probably EVER seen in


“There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of
donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.” – Ezekiel 23:20

She loves the TRIUNE GOD, and this is a PROPHECY of his C… okay, I’m not
gonna finish that. Just as accurate as the Isaiah quote in the Passion of
the Christ, though. ^^


I have a suggestion for a movie…kinda.

Have you considered reviewing “Left Behind”? And by that I mean comparing
and contrasting the recently released version with the original book and/or
the 2000 made-for-tv-movie version?

Neil Leisenheimer

Spoiler: Jesus dies.


Why does Herod look like fucking JonTron

Camilo Torres

This comment has been a long time coming:

You guys have the best most epic fucking intro song in the history of

vanna devon

47:54 is definitely a reference to Pieta.


Movie Suggestion: Jesus of Nazareth If it hasn’t already been recommended, this is the movie (actually a TV miniseries), I grew up watching when I was a little kid. It’s an older film (with James Earl Jones as one of the three kings), that’s quite a bit more comprehensive. If I remember right, the movie was like 4 or maybe even 6 hours long so if you guys do a commentary on it I would imagine you would have to split it up into multiple parts. But I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the movie. I haven’t watched… Read more »

Daryl Carpenter

Excelled review. A few thoughts. Aren’t those temple Jews Sadducees? The quote of Isaiah at the beginning comes from part of the book that was written as the Jews returned after the Babylonian exile, about 150 years later, so the date is wrong. Granted, Gibson and his audience probably don’t care much about source criticism (Satan’s work, obviously). I don’t think there was anything blasphemous about declaring oneself the messiah (king of the Jews). It might get you into trouble, but not blasphemous, per se. I don’t think there’s anything in the gospels that say Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.… Read more »