Atheists Watch Ray Comfort’s “The Atheist Delusion” – VIDEO


Ray is back, with surprize surprize the same old arguments
Watch the full Movie-
How Evolution works-


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  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need alcohol to watch this.
    BRB making a hard lemonade with six shots of vodka.

  2. I love how you disliked the Living Waters video, but I also just want you guys to be bros with Ray.

  3. i dont even think ray has been back to NZ during my lifetime.
    all tho i am ashamed that he is a follow kiwi

  4. Some friends and I reacted to this movie live, in a 4-hour livestream, in case anyone is interested. It's definitely not TBR quality though. Love your stuff guys.

  5. I don't usually watch immediately after I see the notification/tweet, but I was looking forward to this one so I dropped everything to see it right away.

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