Axiological Atheist’s Perspective – Interview “Kate Fahr (BionicDance)”


Kate Fahr (BionicDance) is an out lesbian, atheist, secular humanist, women’s rights, LGBT rights and equality activist/advocate, active in supporting the separation of church and state….



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Damien Athope

Explaining Axiological theism, Axiological agnosticism, and Axiological atheism I am going to roughly offer the understanding how axiological thinking interacts with differing theological beliefs. Axiological theism: is the thinking a god(s) or goddess(es) are real as well as valuable and we are enriched (all value, truth, morality are deity involved) because there is such a being(s) and we should worship it and would be worse off if such a being(s) did not exist (life would have no meaning, worth or value and there would be no way to judge morality) Axiological agnosticism: is the thinking I do not know if… Read more »


What the hell is an *”Axiological Atheist”* =/ ??

*”ax·i·ol·o·gy The study of the nature of values and value judgments.”*
*”axiological – of or relating to the study of values”*

i do not get how the word is being used.

im mean, if he was using it as a name; sure, its just his youtube name, but
he says “im an X” instead of “hi im X”, its the way he introduces himself
that bugs me a bit..

Bob Powers

Two of the 5 viewers voted down? But left no comments… drive by
negativity. How nice. I’m only about 9 minutes in, but it’s interesting
so far. I certainly would not have down-checked it.

I suspect the two down-checks are people who read the title, and don’t even
watch. Typical.


Ya’know +BionicDance, you say “Ya’know” a lot at the end of every
sentence, ya’know? XD,

Johnny Ringo

+Damien Athope Loved that story with the black guys protecting you from the
white guys. I’d have actually said yes. +BionicDance Nice to learn your
thoughts on a few really interesting topics. All in all, great video, you
two. Thanks.

Why not keep the term ‘Atheist’ without adding on the flowery bull-shit terms…?