Dingbat Bachmann, thinks poor immigrants’ remittances should be taxed 100% – AUDIO

Bachmann: Money Sent To Families Across The Border By Immigrants Should Be Taxed 100% (Audio)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R), Minnesota, stated that the humanitarian crises on our southern border “is a war against the American people.”  Bachmann contends that a 100% percent tax on money that immigrants send back to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador would put “pressure” upon those respective governments.

Bachmann spoke on a conference call with the anti-immigrant group, Numbers USA last week.  Bachmann, representing the “compassionate conservative” we have heard so much about, queries, “When are we going to get serious and really deport and deport right on the border?”  Bachmann made no mention of the humanitarian crisis occurring at our southern border, where thousands of undocumented unaccompanied minors are seeking sanctuary in the United States.  Instead, Michele stated, “We’re rolling around looking at each other, while all the while our pockets are being picked and innocent people are being killed by illegal aliens and hurt and robbed and beaten and raped by criminal foreign nationals that are in our country.”

Now, dear readers, the persistent drum beat of a familiar rhythm becomes apparent.  The GOP’s incessant beat began many years ago, 9/11 to be exact.  The undercurrent of their rhetoric is fear.  Many will not remember the color-coded terror alert numbers displayed across the bottom of our television screens, consistently orange or red, warning us of imminent danger.  Repeated mantras of “weapons of mass destruction”, poised to decimate the United States, because “terror loving terrorists are gunning for us”.  Hissed words of “chemical weapons”, internet hints on how to “chemical proof” your house using only duct tape; the American public kept in a constant state of tension, and yes, terror.  Now, according to Tea Party wing nuts (yes, Michele, I mean you), we have a new enemy.  Rapists and murderers, seeking to “pick our pockets”, flooding across our border, hell bent on the destruction of ‘Murica.  Don’t let them fool you, they may look like children, they may even seem more interested in picking the produce in your fields over your pockets.  Never investigate, don’t look at the abject poverty and dangerous drug cartels and corrupt governments that they are fleeing from.  Yes, they want a better life, according to Bats**t Bachmann, yours.

I overheard a conversation today.  Ladies were discussing how the immigrants of the past came here and “learned to speak English”, sought gainful employment, and became productive members of American society.  There was no mention of the signs hung in windows reading, “Irish need not apply”.  Not even a hint of the incarceration of Japanese Americans in interment camps.  Or the decades long ban on Chinese immigration.  They disdainfully lamented the “clean” immigrants of the past.  “Clean.”  People forced to change their names to appear less “ethnic”.  Forced to abandon the language and culture of their homes in order to find that “gainful” employment, or face discrimination and violence.  The immigrants seeking solace in our country today often are employed in positions most Americans would find repulsive.  Backs bent over endless fields in scorching heat, wading through blood on a slaughterhouse floor, these “unclean” immigrants are a key component of the US economy.

Bachmann later complained that President Obama is, “a terrible president” who “doesn’t care about veterans and doesn’t care about the American people,” stating that he only cares about “having you and me pay for his voter registration drive so that his party will be a permanent party in every presidential election in the future and in midterms.”

Michele, you and your fear-mongering terrorist cronies are doing a fine job of assuring just that.

h/t: RightWingWatch

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