Well, at least we know why this asshole is still on Facebook and not being held by the Secret Service yet…


Back On Facebook With Escalated Threats Against Obama

No matter how many times he threatens the president, nor how violenthis language, he continues to resurface on Facebook.

On the day that the head of the Secret Service resigned for amazing lapses in security around the President, it seems fitting that Everest Wilhelmsen would reappear with a renewed call to ‘remove the usurper’ from the White House.

Yes, he’s a nut. But he’s a nut who managed to raise $118,000 from fellow nuts toward his quest to remove the Kenyan usurper. I’m less bothered by his birtherism and more bothered by his insistence that Obama should be “captured” and arrested.

There are enough mentally ill people in this country that one of them just might listen to him. Yet Facebook has evidently restored the account and allowed it to remain public.



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