Baptist churches try recruiting rednecks, with free guns. Seriously. – VIDEO


Baptist Churches Giving Away Guns to Rednecks Because ‘Jesus’ and the Second Amendment (Video)

The number of people in the United States who consider themselves to be Southern Baptists is in decline.

That’s the only good explanation we can come up with for a program being implemented by Kentucky Baptist churches that would give away guns as part of a recruiting drive to attract non-believing rednecks.

Calling the recruiting efforts an “outreach to rednecks,” the Kentucky Baptist Convention is putting on “Second Amendment Celebrations,” where churches around the state give away guns as door prizes to reel in nonbelievers in hopes of increasing their membership rolls.

And apparently because this is exactly what Jesus would have done. After all, many gun-toting Christians believe that the 2nd Amendment came from Jesus himself, as evident by all the instances where they proclaim that it is their “God-given right” to pack some heat.

The next big God gun giveaway will be held this coming Thursday at Lone Oak Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky, where there will be a free steak dinner and the opportunity to win one of 25 guns.

According to the flyer from Lone Oak Baptist Church, the 25 guns have been donated, and the winners will have to complete the required state and federal applications and background checks in order to take possession of the weapons.

The flyer also says that the goal is to attract members and their money “point people towards Christ.”

So far, according to Chuck McAlister, who is a speaker and spokesman for the Kentucky Baptist Association and a former pastor and Outdoor Channel hunting show host, the outreach program is working. Over 1,600 people made “professions of faith” at roughly 50 gun giveaway events last year.

Other pastors are not too keen on these “Second Amendment Celebrations”, saying that the gun giveaways amounts to bribery.

“How ironic to use guns to lure men in to hear a message about Jesus, who said, ‘Put away the sword,” said the Rev. Joe Phelps, who is pastor of Louisville’s independent Highland Baptist Church.

He continued, “Giveaways for God” seem wrong. Can you picture Jesus giving away guns, or toasters or raffle tickets? … He gave away bread once, but that was as a sign, not a sales pitch.”

Nancy Jo Kemper, who is the pastor of New Union Church in Versailles, weighed in: “Churches should not be encouraging people in their communities to arm themselves against their neighbors, but to love their neighbors, as instructed by Jesus.”

Indeed. It’s a sad state of affairs when churches have to resort to giving away material items to attract members, much less something as grotesque as guns. What happened to people joining a church to help others, to feed and clothe the poor, and being taught to love and respect others, regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation, etc?

Watch McCalister explain this bizarre outreach program below, courtesy of the Louisville Courier-Journal.




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RT @holesinthefoam: Baptist churches try recruiting #Rednecks, with free … – #Atheism #GunNuts #ReligiousIdiots #S…

RT @holesinthefoam: Baptist churches try recruiting #Rednecks, with free … – #Atheism #GunNuts #ReligiousIdiots #S…

“Faith and Firearms” – does anybody notice a bit of a contradiction here?