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Putin says Theresa May has to implement Brexit or “is it democracy?”

The Russian president’s annual news conference is a chance for reporters to quiz him on pressing issues such as new laws, economic growth and global relations. It also provides a rare opportunity for journalists to probe Vladimir Putin on his private life. This year proved no exception as he was asked if he will one day remarry after divorcing his wife of 30 years Ludmila Putina in 2013. ‘As a decent person, I will have to do that sometime,’ said the 66-year-old. The exchange provided some light relief after Putin discussed a host of important political and diplomatic issues in the marathon press conference. Here, we round up some of his most important answers.



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a) Putin you are a dictator yourself
b) We don't really need your input

Clayton Wiffen

Putin stands up for Russia. May and our Metrolib political class (ConLab) hate Britain, and can't understand the patriotic working class.

Eric C

Get your dirty hands out of Britain Putin! We all know you funded Brexit through Arron Bank and others, and set your trolls to influence people's decisions. We will reverse the result of the first Brexit vote. You will not get away with what you did.


Of course Putin supports Brexit. His money is laundered through London and seeing Britain become less important and isolated on the world stage gives him absolute delight.

He loves seeing the British look incompetent and having his useful idiots like Farage spread disinformation is working better then he ever could imagine.

He even had chemical weapons used on British soil and he got away with it.

He declared the EU the enemy in 2013 and could not be happier Britain is doing what he wants.


Putin is right he’s actually impressed me a lot over the last few years – a shrewd operator