Because what’s an art festival without kids packin’ heat? GUESS WHICH STATE!


Open Carry Texas Brings Armed Children to Art Festival They Were Banned From

Despite being banned from an Arts Festival held in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, the notorious, despicable dipshits from Open Carry Texas showed up anyway, which is ironic since the group is all about showing the rest of the world how lawful it is to go around carrying loaded weapons.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they happened to bring along children, complete with armed rifles! Below is a picture found the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Facebook page.


As the page notes, Texas requires no background checks, weapons training or age limitations on the carrying of these rifles, AR-15s and AK-47′s included.

The festival took place in the city’s premiere shopping and dining district, Sundance Square, over the weekend. The Open Carry morons regularly show up at various places in Texas with loaded guns to stand around and look “cool” and refer to themselves and their supporters as “patriots.”

Why carrying a loaded gun around make someone more of a “patriot” than anyone else is something that these idiots should be asked.

Here’s a picture of some of their members posted on their Facebook page. We’re guessing that the combined IQ of these people barely reaches the triple digit mark.

open carry texas morons

A few days ago, a woman called 911 on some members of the group after she saw them on a highway overpass. The group broadcasted the call on a Youtube video and posted it on their Facebook page. The video contained the phone number of the woman who made the call and no doubt that these gun nuts have been flooding her with hateful calls.

This is what they posted on their Facebook page about the call:

#guncontrolbullies are all up in arms over this video published by one of our members that contains identifying information of one of their own making a false 911 call against a legal activity. We find this criticism ironic considering these same people are pushing to have gun owners’ private information published online. Here’s how we plan to move forward on this: if the police show up and tell our members peacefully exercising their rights that they are responding to a 911 call, we will file an open records request and publish the phone call. We won’t be bullied by bullies that send armed people to assist with their bullying. If you don’t want your name publicized, simply don’t make a false 911 call against law abiding gun owners. It’s win/win all the way around.

These imbeciles don’t even realize that they are hurting their own cause by making these demonstrations. One of their guns is eventually going to accidentally discharge and harm some innocent person, and it’s only a matter of time before more places ban these people from showing up. And eventually our local, state, and federal government might actually get serious about enacting laws prohibiting large groups of people walking around in public with loaded guns for no other reason than “just because.”

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