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Oh. Well that was stupid.

Bullshit baffles brains eh Steve!

oh dear……..any lie is acceptable to feed their delusion.

If there were an Anti-Nobel Prize for Pretend Science, this guy could be up there as the Anti-Einstein. He’s turning stupid into an art form.

Wow, a bullshit train. WTF

Sad thing is, he’s probably a science textbook book writer for Texas public schools.

Is it worth even thinking about answering this?

If the air was loaded with that much H2O, how would those people have drowned?


I feel so sorry for him if is not spoofing!

Does not know how weather works. Does not know how carbon dating works. Does not know that rain is not made of carbon. Does not know that carbon dating cannot give the age of the Earth. In fact, if the Earth were 6,000 years old, then it would be in his best interest that carbon dating works.

Now that you mention it, I do remember a terrarium and inaccurate carbon dating mentioned in Genesis…

As a chemistry teacher, I cringed reading that…

get your head examined steve , appears to be full of shit ….

oh my goodness … as a simply ‘lay person’ even we are not this stupid!

lol … What a font of ‘bellend-ery’ that Steve is! (Y)

I could eat a bowl of Alphabetti Spaghetti and shit out a more logical statement… I can’t wait to hear his explanation as to where all the water went after?


oh Steve, aren’t you just a silly fuck !!

Let me guess, you failed in day care. Idiot!!

And what drugs has this douche been injecting today?

not sure if facepalm or head desk

put a block of carbon out in the rain. nothing happens to it.

As someone who went to school for Earth Science/Geology, this makes me wanna beat my head against a wall. Holy fuck.

Lol that is some funny shit!

I’m so glad he was able to sciencesplain that to me!

Actually, no. You see, God created man in his image. Which means God has a penis. Which means God pees. It was God’s pee that caused the flood. You’d think that would be obvious.

As a side note, God also has an anus. That’s the source of the well-known phrase “Holy Shit”!

yeah… sure…I’ll be……..right…………….backkkkkkkk

Did he really say this or is it satire? I’m guessing satire because no human is that dumb…oh wait….he’s religious…nevermind!

He even looks “stuuu-pid”

WTF is this horeshit?

And they say the “amerikan taliban” won’t accept science !

Typical religious dumb ass shit.

Steve the NOT science guy

dip shit

Wow Steve. Pretty deep stuff. Also totally fucking nuts.

That cracked me up…..hahaha….what a goof!