Truthdig: Berniecrats Are Making More Progress This Election Than Skeptics Expected


Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution movement is prolonging the Vermont senator’s legacy; we should be more concerned with the decline in wild animal populations, not solely with extinction; meanwhile, a journalist delves into the reasons behind the explosion of the bottled water business. These discoveries and more below.

Rethinking Extinction
The idea that we are edging up to a mass extinction is not just wrong – it’s a recipe for panic and paralysis.

Trump, Companies Accused of Mistreating Women in at Least 20 Lawsuits
A number of women testified in a lawsuit that Trump himself repeatedly instructed managers to hire younger, prettier workers at his Los Angeles golf club.

Trump To Howard Stern: I’ve Never Had A Gay Thought In My Life
Sorry, straights! He’s all yours!

Liquid Assets: How the Business of Bottled Water Went Mad
How did a substance that falls from the air, springs from the earth and comes out of your tap become a hyperactive multibillion-dollar business?

Liberal Hate for the Green Party
Liberals have joined Hillary Clinton’s “big nasty tent” in a very big way.

The Sanders Revolution Will Evolve Into a Sticky Political Movement
Cynics, beware: Sanders’ legacy endures with Our Revolution movement — watch as Berniecrats take state seats.

Shitstorm in Academia, Literally
Junk mail took on a new meaning when four philosophy professors received envelopes of feces last summer. Now, the hunt is on for the poopetrator.

Trying to Solve the L.E.D. Quandary
Is there a workable business model for products that are built to last, rather than to fall apart?

Protecting the Right to Record Police Brutality
Those who have filmed such incidents say they are facing retribution from the cops. Activists say it’s time for lawmakers to step in.

A New Typology of Global Cities
The seven types of global cities driving the world economy.

Jewish Man Indicted After Criticizing Israel, U.S. at Kansas Q&A With Dennis Ross
If people can be arrested for asking questions at library events, ‘then I guess we’re going to have to shut the library down,’ says outraged director about the May incident.

How English Came to Dominate Science
Science once communicated in a polyglot of tongues, but now English rules alone. How did this happen – and at what cost?

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