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So what you are saying is, consume excrement and cease to exist…

I wonder if calling him a ‘fucking douche-bag’ would satisfy his hunger for big words.

Of all the things to complain about, that’s what they chose? And I know you don’t give a shit, but that was kind of a dick response to a dick question.

Be careful! You don’t want to be intoxicated by the exuberance of your verbosity. 😉

You’re my hero !

Thanks Martin! That’s what I was going for. 😀

Dawwww *blushing* 🙂

That was constructive criticism, maybe you should grow a pair and learn to take it? It sounds a lot like you were being the self-righteous asshole there. That poor guy was trying to make a useful contribution.


Fuck being P.C.

Yes, you’re right! What was I thinking? I should have taken his criticism to heart, and learned from the input!

I… I… I should have thanked him for caring about my irresponsible misarticulation!

I… I… I… should have humbly apologized for being so blatantly offensive and abrasive!!!

I… I…. I… ah, fuck that noise. 😛

He didn’t say any of those things about your vocabulary. He gave you what he thought would be a useful tip to make communication more effective and you just bit his head off for no reason other than your insecurity and inability to receive positively any kind of criticism. Then you posted it on Facebook to make sure you received validation, to calm your insecurity again.

Actually, I posted it because I thought it was funny. I post funny messages and comments all the time, but thanks for that unsolicited psychoanalysis. Can you tell me what other issues I may be experiencing? I figure the more I get from you for free, the less I’ll need to pay a shrink later to work them out. Do I have mommy issues too? Everyone keeps telling me that I have mommy issues, and granted my mommy was fucking nuts. 😛 And I make no qualms about the insipid humor on this page. Check the “about” section if you… Read more »

I thoroughly enjoyed your response.

This page is pretty tongue in cheek. Not the fucking Oxford Union mkay.


You better watch it Linda, you saying that may trigger Giulia to psycho-analyze you next! Who knows what she might tell you about yourself! 😛

keep scrolling, Princess. If it offends your delicate nature too much to read the word “shit” or “fuck”… geez. what an uptight cunt.

it’s not really constructive it’s merely judgemental. people hold on to the falsified belief that swearing is unintelligent. fucking Google some shit. read the fucking books, studys, research based blogs. and for fuckity fucks sake stop confusing words by reading a fuckin dictionary. yes, actually read the motherfuckin dictionary!

Oh shit

Agreed, Giulia!

He invited him/her to EXPAND the vocab. Clearly you are the one who needs to spend more time with a dictionary Andrea 🙂 and I swear too, I didn’t say anything along the lines of “swearing is unintelligent”. What shows a lack of intelligence is your inability to comprehend this guy’s comment as well as mine (Sera, admin). Are you by any chance Americans?

I’m with Bill. I love your page, and how you expose things, but really can’t stand vulgarity.


I am too old for that shit = I am too set in my ways. I do not change readily.

Agreed Andrea and Sera! Haha Lorisa! 😛

I was being cheeky with that line. 😛

Giulia, I work as a professional copy/technical writer. My billable rate is $100 per hour. I think I know a thing or two about vocabulary. 🙂 I fully understood the guy’s comment, but just like I would never tell someone how to or how not to articulate themselves, I find it laughable when someone tries to do it to me. What do you not get? This is the way I talk, to me, any of the “verboten” words are just words that I use when I feel the desire or need. Not that I should have to explain that to… Read more »

BTW, did you notice that I wrote that whole last comment without fuck, shit,piss, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker or tits ? (respect: George Carlin! ) 😛

And yes, I’m American, but living abroad for most of my life. What, do you want to compare passports now? 😛

Giulia Frinzi Jallouli Swearing is good for the soul–read it and weep: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hide-and-seek/201205/hell-yes-the-7-best-reasons-swearing

Ahah your comments are so desperate.


I like colorful speech.


Refer to previous comments for my stance on swearing. Illiterate keyboard warriors…

My vocab when I don’t want a cup of tea

I was wondering when someone else would bring that point up. I didn’t want to come across to Giulia as the self-serving egomaniac that I am. (D’oh! Wasn’t supposed to say that out loud!) 😛

Giulia, why are you rambling and deflecting on your comments? You have some serious psycho-analyzing to do on several people now. Get on it! 😛

I’m so…. sorry…. Lorisa. So…. sooooooo…. sorry. :'(

Nah, I’m lying. I don’t give a shit. 🙂

But hey, you “love” my page, so I must be doing something right that keeps you enduring my endless vulgarities. 🙂

Yes, Giulia, you have no idea just how desperate I have become to win you over. 😛

Hahaaaa 😀


I grew up with sarcasm from my “mother”, so that doesn’t really bother me. I trained my fiance and sister-in-law to not curse around me, but I already understand that a stranger wouldn’t know me to respect me in that way. Regardless of your vulgarity, thank you for exposing frauds. And the occasional sattire.

You’re welcome, Lorisa. Now get the fuck outta here. 😛

(sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉 )

Just seemed apropos… 😀

Always the nuclear option with you isn’t it

That’s me. Scorched earth policy all the way. 😀

Speaking of scorched earth, have you caught up on your climate science required reading yet? 🙂

I would just like to say cunt 😉

I’m irritated with people that find “bad” language “offensive”. They’re just words, WE give them power.