The plutocrats are starting to consider Bernie a real threat now… – VIDEO


Billionaire SuperPAC Launches Ad Against $15 Min. Wage  And Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

The billionaire class is getting very scared of two things: the fight for 15 movement and Bernie Sanders.

The grassroots movement to elect Bernie Sanders and the movement to elect Bernie Sanders are very much fueled by the same thing. A drive to make the United States a nation, that once again, allows for all people to live a dignified life.

Here is the ad:


Of course, the billionaire class is not having any of that nonsense. That’s why the Future 45 Super PAC is running an ad that tries to take out two progressive birds at the same time. The Intercept reports that future 45 is being run by Brian O. Walsh. He is a major player in the conservative dark money network, that works to bash left-wing candidates and issues.

Future 45 appears to be primarily funded by two hedge fund managers that are supporting the Republican candidate, Marco Rubio.

While this may seem troubling to those who support raising the minimum wage, or those who support Bernie Sanders, or both, this could be taken as a good sign. As Hillary Clinton likes to point out, she has faced a major brunt of negative attack ads from Republican SuperPACs. They fact that they are now attacking Sanders means that they are taking him seriously.

I’m not exactly sure who the ad for is for, though. The claims in the ad are the usual “raising the minimum wage will kill jobs” nonsense that comes from the right. They attack Sanders, saying that he will raise taxes. They fail to mention who would be paying the vast majority of those taxes – billionaires like the ones who created the ad.  Is Future 45 trying to sway voters to vote for Clinton because she will be much softer on Wall St. than Sanders? Or are they just trying to fill conservatives’ heads with talking points for the general election?

Either way,  both the Fight for 15 movement and Robin Hood Tax movement, which inspired Sanders’ plan to put a micro-tax on Wall St. speculation, are two pragmatic progressive ideas whose time has come.

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