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I love him, he puts on a great live show. If you ever get a chance to see him do it or have already, then U know what I mean


Yup! My mother pushed me into the church at a very young age, even enrolled me in catholic school! Like good ol’ Bill here, of course I believed in it at first! But honestly, it really didn’t take me long to catch on to everything. I still remember getting sent to detention in like the 4th grade or something for “speaking against the bible”! Not kidding!! I asked the teacher something along the lines of “but if there’s no actual proof of God, then how do we know he’s really there?” And I remember her getting so mad, screaming at… Read more »

I am not sure what I believe and I always tell people ” you know what ? I will know the truth when I die”. Doesn’t make it if people happy but I am not one to crumble under pressure!!