Bionic Dance: The Worst Ways to Communicate with an Atheist


Discussions between atheists and theists are often an exercise in futility, but that’s because both sides are talking past each other, not speaking the same language, and unfortunately assuming much about the other’s position.

In this video, I take some of a theist’s ways of ‘witnessing’ to atheists and explain why they’re extremely bad tactics, even if his position is true.
And I’ve see others attempt to use these same discussion points many times, and it would help the discussion if they were to, you know…knock it off.



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Holy flying fuck. BD is so worried that Christians, Jews, Muslems, etc. don't satisfy her explanation of "life as we know it." Who the fuck cares? If you, as atheists, are superior to us morons, simply SHOW IT, don't talk about it!

Are you prosperous? Healthy? Happy? Peaceful? Spontaneous? Laugh a lot? Atheists model a lot of bullshit. Why do I want to be like you? No better than a pompous-ass religious person.

Hermione3 Müller

Brilliant as ever! Lover your videos. So spot on.

Fredrik Sundberg

BionicDance : Why aren't you atheists listening when i'm telling that you don't listen to me when i'm telling you that you're not listening to me when i'm telling you don't listening to me? Are you listening atheist? And yes atheist i already know you're answer so please listen to me atheist. Why are you atheist so angry, because just now we're just having an discussion, so listen up atheist. So on and so forth.


As far as the use of a camera, not everybody is Steven Spielberg. Oh wait. Atheists hate Jewish people – with all that EVIL religion – so I'm sorry I brought up one of my favorite people, the devoutly religious Steven. You atheistic haters don't tolerate anything but nothingness and pomposity.


You know what I think? People just need to be effin' selfish. That's it. End of story. Believe or don't believe. Your choice.

Atheists keep trying to prove how wonderful and perfect they are, but I don't see any collective "greatness" that makes me want to say "Gee I want to be JUST LIKE THEM, full of narrow-mindedness, hatred, crude language, lack of love, lack of sex, lack of prosperity, lack of unity, lack of kindness…." What am I missing? Prove it to me, oh glorious atheists.


Here's some more great ways for theists to spread the gospel to nonbelievers:1. Scream it loudly in a public space, preferably while standing on a soapbox.2. Make sure you add in lots and lots of vague, toothless threats about how it's fine if they don't do what you say but to not be surprised when they get tortured for all of eternity. Atheists love that.3. Stories with no evidence backing them up sound WAY more convincing when you add in a whole cadre of extra baseless claims. If an atheist doesn't believe your primitive superstition, it's probably because you don't… Read more »

Macca Lives

Can someone explain to me why theists/creationists make up words? I mean: relationally? Really?

Dark Scot

Guess he has never heard of a hypothetical.

Mads Horn

He seems to be like the SETI-program: forever listening and never hearing a thing…

Pink Program

The gospel huh… "Happy is he who dashes your child upon the rocks" okay…

phil smith

basics are basics because their basic.

Helix Moore

Gonna get in trouble but you are cute when you are ticked off.

Shy Panjandrum

Trigger warning: I going to drop an old chestnut grenade. Sye Ten Bruggencate and John Feinstein met and had a love child.


Me: Hail Lord Saruman!

Theist: Don't worship him. He's evil and isn't even real.

Me: So's your god.

adir mugrabi

Most people use the bottom half as well when surfing

Hector Defendi

Are we ever gonna stop hearing: "The Bible's correct because the Bible says so"?

Thomas Ridley

Are they shocked that you don't believe in their jesus. Or is it that you might be thinking for yourself. Sounds like the latter.
I perfer the Christians i know. Your an atheist ! Oh ! Ok , thats your call.
As long as your a good hearted atheist.

Warrick Dawes

So let's just assume that all theist deep down do not believe in their god, because it's just nonsense, but suppress this. Got to ask what horrible crisis they endured that made them say they are useless and cannot continue without an imaginary friend, an emotional crutch, that allows them to put all the responsibility on something else and simply follow an arbitrary set of orders without the need to think or analyse their own actions, or take any personal responsibility.

Gauss Bogsveigir

"I wasn't trying to prove God's existence. I was just trying to share God's Love." — That's a logical fallacy . . . For God's Love to be real, there would have to be a God. Otherwise, there's no difference between God's Love, The Flying Spaghetti Monster's Love, The Tooth Fairy's Love, and Trump's Extreme Intelligence.

Oh. Wait. There is no difference. They're all complete and total fabrications of the imagination.

Gauss Bogsveigir

"Frame the Gospel as a Love Story that just happens to be true."Wow. First, you need to read more. There is no Love Story in the Bible. Polygamy abounds, and the requirements for marriage isn't Love, Affection, hell, the woman's *Consent* isn't even a consideration, much less a requirement. The Bible defines Marriage as a financial transaction between the Purchaser (Husband) and Livestock-Seller (Father). The husband Purchases his wife. Sure, her status is higher than a Slave or Concubine, but he can *Own* as many Wives, Concubines, and Slaves as he can afford. Provided, of course, the Slaves aren't Israelites… Read more »


"…often atheists have a reason other than the reason…" (rest of bit)

Um… what happens when that atheist doesnt fit into your script? When its not due to pain inflicted by the church, or the loss of a loved one, or some form of hardship?
What happens when its due to something im sure youve heard before, but im s also certain you ignore?

Bryan Burton

All this man needs to do is go and talk to somebody who believes in a different god than himself and realize that in that conversation HE is the atheist. How could that other person convince him?
Futile, isn't it?
"I reject your reality and substitute my own." -Adam Savage


The dude doesn't know the difference between hearing and listening.


Hey, Surfin' BD, come to Santa Cruz! See you down at Steamer Lane!

Gauss Bogsveigir

"I don't think I've ever met anyone who genuinely rejects the existence of God . . . " Hi. I genuinely reject the existence of God. Or, I would were there a God to reject . . . Or would I? If there were a God to reject, I might not reject him/her/it/they. Depends on what they'd say in apology for all of the disease, pestilence, torture and capricious evil done in their name, and what they'd do to make amends to the world. See Kumquat Fists — er, Trump. Seeing that no God has presented themself or themselves in… Read more »


There's a two-step process to converting an atheist:

1. Provide a coherent definition of a god.
2. Provide actual physical real-world evidence of its existence.

I've never met a theist who has even succeded at step 1.